Analisis de antigona de sofocles

Polinices acude entonces a la vecina ciudad de Argos para buscar apoyo en su causa. En el transcurso de la saga, Eteocles y Polinice mueren en la batalla y se proclama rey Creonte, hermano de Yocasta. La obra termina con el parlamento de arrepentimiento de Creonte.

Kenneth goldsmith soliloquy

Shelves: , poetry , contemporary , i-think-it-s-funny I discovered Soliloquy in my Modern Poetry class at Coursera which, by the way, I highly recommend to anyone interested in contemporary poetry. Kenneth Goldsmith uses a lot of found language in his poems, and this is a particularly ambitious project in which he recorded and transcribed everything - every single word, every utterance - that came out of his mouth during a week.

Elysian codex

They did not account for us. Make your peace with the Emperor, men—we drop in two minutes. Rare within the Imperial Guard as a whole, Drop Infantry regiments are a potent strategic asset which many Generals are eager to obtain, and Elysia produces a considerable quantity of such regiments, whose skills are employed across the galaxy.