Its distributed architecture, minimal dependencies, and lightweight autonomous agents enable you to manage 5, nodes from a single policy server. WebScale does not just imply large server deployments. The speed at which changes are conceived and committed across infrastructure and applications is equally important. Due to execution times measurable in seconds, and one of the most efficient verification mechanisms, CFEngine reduces exposure to unwarranted changes, and prevents extreme delays for planned changes that need to be applied urgently at scale. Intelligent Automation of Infrastructure Automate your infrastructure with self-service capabilities.

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Use the "Documentation" category when you create bugs. And of course you can search the bug tracker for known issues with the documentation, and help the community of CFEngine users by correcting some of them. Writing Documentation The CFEngine documentation is written in regular markdown , with some extensions as documented below.

Check out the cheatsheet! To keep the source readable in git and workable with a broad range of tools, keep the line length in paragraphs below 78 characters.

Fork this repository called the upstream using the GitHub web interface, make changes in your fork and create pull requests so that your changes can be merged into the upstream repository. It is in general advisable to make small commits that are submitted through pull requests frequently.

Otherwise any structural changes to documentation content can cause merge conflicts that are hard to resolve. The documentation generation inserts a link to the source markdown in the footer of each page. Quoting is only necessary if the title contains YAML keywords like "on". The HTML content will however be generated. META tag values will be interpreted literally, and cannot contain :, [ and ].

Image files Image files are in the same directory as the markdown files that embed them. Give files unique names to avoid overwrites in the generated website. See Style Guide - Charts and graphs for style requirements for images. Warning: It is important for images and other binary files to be marked as a binary file in. Binary file patterns not specifically marked may be mangled and corrupted within git.

Links To link to pages within the documentation, use the syntax: [Link text][Page Title] If Link text is the title of the target page, you can also use this shorthand: [Page Title][] To link to a section within the target page, use: [Link text][Page Title Section in Page] To links to sections within the current page, you can also skip the page title: [Go to section][ Section in Current Page] For standard URLs and locations to link to, see the mapping.

Automatic linking The documentation generator automatically creates links for words in code markers if that word exists as a page or section title.

To make explicit links from code words, use code markers in the link text. To exclude a section header from that automatic linking, use the form section title, no linking which is otherwise equivalent for the markdown renderer. With single backticks, this would link to the documentation of the meta attribute or promise type. Macros The documentation generator will pre-process the markdown content before passing it to Jekyll for the rendering. The pre-processor understands and replaces the macros.

Quoting policy files The following macros read code from a file and inject the text in that file into the documentation. Contol comments in the file and regular expressions passed to the macros can be used to specify which sections of the file should be injected. The injected lines will be in a CFEngine code block. Comment lines ie lines starting with are omitted, unless they start with , in which case they interrupt the code block and are rendered as markdown.

If the line that matches the regular expression is a comment, then it is excluded from the quote, otherwise it is included.


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