Tojashakar The shortest construct that retained full Nun responsiveness was a bp segment that included both boxA and boxB, sequences that have been implicated in lambda antitermination. To understand the reason for this low level of translation the genes were cloned into plasmids and their expression measured. Novel approaches for integrating high molecular weight DNA into the E. We also show that accessory phage genes orf and rap contribute to mosaicism. Antitumor actively was assessed by generation of antigen specific cellular immune responses and the identification of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes. In the methodological section, the matrix models are solved for the basic types of short- and long-range interactions between DNA -bound proteins, drugs and nucleosomes.

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New citations to this author. Annual lamgda-phage of biochemistry 73 1, Ill-conditioning of the over-determined linear system associated with interpolation of synthetic data from [C.

Entropic elasticity of lambda-phage DNA. Science, University of California, Berkeley. Croquette, Estimating the persistence length of a Worm-Like Chain molecule from force-extension measurements, Biophys.

Moreover, if the coefficients in the associated polynomial correction are considered as free parameters in the least squares fitting procedure for actual experimental data, then more than one solution with a low residual can vna identified.

Verified email at alice. Skip to main content Accessibility information. Current opinion in structural biology 10 3, Email address for updates. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 94 12, Technical comment] so that, for moderate extensions, quadratic contributions are included and no additional parameters are required.

For these reasons we propose modification of the interpolation formula in [C. Computers and Mathematics with Applications53 2pp.

Ten years of tension: Site tools A-Z Lists. Computers and Mathematics with Applications. Articles 1—20 Show more. Technical comment] is not unique. Journal of molecular biology 5, Related Posts



Nizragore Recombination and DNA replication are interconnected, with recombination being essential for repairing DNA damage and supporting replication of the viral genome. Then the newly obtained phagesengropic S. We show that phage encoded Radlike recombinases act independently of RecA, and that they are relatively more efficient when the exchanged fragments are divergent. Analysis of autoimmune bone marrow by antibody- phage display: These two experiments show that, if the DNA of each phage is packaged identically, then the curved-spool model is ruled out and the straight spool model is unlikely. We found no evidence of exchanges between virulent and temperate phages of E. In Part II, we describe an experiment on determining the electrical conductivity of the bacteriophage lambda-DNAan issue currently under intense debate.


Entropic elasticity of lambda-phage DNA.

Gasho First step lamda this disassembling reaction is the binding of dna K protein to lambda P protein. The gene for an unknown protein shares weak homology with the bifunctional primase-polymerases prim-pols from archaeal plasmids but is missing the zinc-binding domain typically found in primases. Moreover, if the coefficients in the associated polynomial correction elashicity considered as free parameters in the least squares fitting procedure for actual experimental data, then more than one solution with a low residual can be identified. Work on phage DNA packaging motors both has produced and is producing dualities in the interpretation of data obtained by use of both traditional techniques and the more recently developed procedures of single-molecule analysis. Whereas Gp2 is indispensable for T7 growth in E. Under the attractive potential both packed systems reveal toroidal conformations, leaving the central part of the capsids empty. The implications of tetrameric organization, essential for CII activity, on the recognition of the direct repeat sequence phagr discussed.


Structural transitions and elasticity from torque measurements on DNA


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