For one thing, the hero actually had reason for being angry with the heroine. She was innocent, of course, but there was some damning evidence against her. That kind of took away that self-righteous sense of pleasure I get when the H finds out how wrooooong he was. Not by HP standards. None of this was overly fleshed out.

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Her whole body stiffened in a blatant rejection of what was to come the next day. He noted it with narrowed eyes as he watched her walk in from behind her desk. As at home as if he sat there every day. He made a thorough study of her, up and down, taking in the black pencil skirt, the cream high necked shirt of which she was supremely grateful for now. Devastatingly compelling in a dark suit and dark shirt. Kallie took a step back.

The room seemed to have become as hot as hades in seconds. Alexandros flicked his head to indicate the window and looked out. Outside, swarming on the pavement were what seemed to be hundreds of photographers. The circus that surrounded Alexandros Kouros. He came and stood beside her. Her skin prickled uncomfortably. The moment seemed to stretch forever. Waiting to see you arrive, go in and then come out on my arm. This stranger before her. Even if it means marrying you and subjecting myself to a period of purgatory.

She hated him. She knew she kept telling herself that…and knew it felt as though she was trying to convince herself. He reached out a finger and trailed it along her jaw. She clenched it and he tapped where it bulged out against her smooth skin. She would never, ever do something to hurt her family. It seemed as if everything, every conversation that had ever passed between them had turned to poisoned ashes.

And amounted to nothing. She straightened her shoulders and stuck her chin out. But I admire your attempt at bravado. But then he snaked a hand around the back of her head, through her hair and pulled her softly to him.

Panic coursed through her. Her hands came up in an instinctive and classic defense pose between them. Warm and intoxicating and hot and…words disappeared, Kallie found her hands resting against his broad chest, the heat emanating over her skin, making her heat up all over.

She felt herself wanting to melt into him, against his hard length. His lips moved against hers, hard and insistent…a completely instinctive unbidden response made her open her mouth and at the first touch of his tongue to hers, an explosive heat erupted deep in her belly. She dimly felt him pulling her in tighter, lifting her up against him…she wanted nothing more than to give in…lean against him, savour the support…her eyes flew open.

His were shut. What was wrong with her? What was she thinking? She welcomed reality, letting it flow through her like ice, dousing the flame of desire that wanted to burst into flame like a flash fire. His mouth was still moving over hers, and a weak part of her was an insistent voice saying, give in, give in. She clenched her hands into fists with a huge effort and pushed against his chest. It was like a steel wall, immovable.

She twisted her mouth away from his and was shocked at how ragged her breathing was. Pushing her chest against his, making her very ware of how her breasts had begun to ache, her nipples so hard they chafed against her bra. He tried to twist her head back and Kallie struggled in earnest now, beating against his chest, breath coming more and more ragged and jerky.

He finally loosened his hold and Kallie used it to push herself out of his arms, staggering back against the desk behind her. Her hands clung to the ridges behind her, her entire body pulsed, heat melted the ice and she knew the strongest urge to throw herself back into his arms and beg him to kiss her again.

In the space of seconds. A hand came under her chin tipping it up to face him and she shut her eyes. With deep glowing embers in their depths. Embers that she had lit? The thought made something rip through her. She trembled. She had to try and claw back some modicum of dignity and found a voice from somewhere.

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The Kouros marriage revenge



The Kouros Marriage Revenge


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