Page 4 Current Input Terminal. If the exact instrument is not available, substitute calibration standards of equivalent accuracy. Without — math null, add 0. These additional manal settings are provided on model A only. Front-Panel Keys The front panel provides keys to select various functions and operations. Does the multimeter fail to respond to input signals?

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Tygotilar Reading settling times are affected by source impedance, cable dielectric characteristics, and input signal changes. Be sure you record the new security code. This can cause errors when measuring low voltages which are floating relative to earth ground.

Message 5 of 6. Since the value increments by one for each calibration point, a complete calibration may increase the value by many counts. Ranging Manual ranging — If the input signal is greater than can be measured on the selected range, the multimeter provides these overload indications: This query returns the stored null value. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Dc Characteristics [ 6 ] Accuracy sgilent are for the voltage measured at the input terminals only.

Provide the input shown in the table below. Rotate the Terminal larch up and remove it from the instrument. If you determine that the fuse is faulty, replace it with one of the manuwl size and rating Self Test Procedures Input Connections Test connections to the instrument are best accomplished using an Agilent Technologies B calibration short for low—thermal offset measurements and a B DMM connector configured to interface agipent the calibrator output.

Without — math null, add 0. Remove the false constant by a boolean control to stop the loop, the way it is you have to abort the execution to stop the vi wich is bad practice. Turning the Display Off This feature is available from the remote interface only. If the multimeter must be earth—referenced, connect it and the device—under—test q the same common ground point.

To null—out the test lead capacitance: Page of Go. Remove the Torx screw holding the safety shield and lift out the shield. This will more than double your reading speeds for dc voltage, resistance, and dc current functions. With the slow filter selected, each measurement takes 1. Its frequency output needs to be calibrated against a more accurate reference. Readings and then click on Get Data to view the logged data: The oldest readings are preserved.

AC low frequency correction out of range Calibration variable does not exist Mnual The kit allows you to mount one or two L instruments side-by-side on a sliding shelf, while occupying one EIA rack unit of space. Reading settling times are affected by source impedance, cable dielectric characteristics, and input signal changes. Switch- ing while high voltages or cur- rents are present may cause instrument damage and lead to the risk of electric shock. When you release key, the instrument begins the keypad test.

In Agulent Guide This chapter provides calibration, verification, and adjustment procedures for the multimeter. Enter text from picture: Settling Considerations Default delays are selected to give first reading right for most measurements. Most Related.


Agilent 34410A Мультиметр


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34410A Digital Multimeter, 6½ Digit



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