Американская электронная лаборатория Эверетта Халла и Стенли Майкла открылась в году, и эту дату можно считать началом легендарного пути фирмы Ampeg. В тот далекий год линейка гитарных и басовых усилителей была очень проста, но качество оказалось превосходным, и уже через год фирма стала известной. Новые разработки находили своих новых поклонников, при этом некоторые модели стали очень популярны и воспроизводятся в наше время. Обе производственные линии были введены по настоянию менеджера по производству Тони Москала. Он чувствовал, что рынок современных усилителей пресытился переизданиями и клонами фирмы Fender, и возобновление производства товаров Ampeg с внешним видом прошлых лет произведёт неизгладимое впечатление на музыкальном рынке. Хотя некоторые музыканты, помня звучание Jet и Reverberocket, выпускавшихся в шестидесятых годах, попросили воссоздать это звучание в новых электронных решениях усилителей Ampeg.

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I got me hands on a PF head to test drive. I had high hopes for this head. A local shop shop that I am in cahoots with is an Ampeg dealer. I got this head as soon as it was available to the public. I can toss it in my gig bag and go. The knobs are simple: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble as well as a master volume knob. Lack of power. This bummed me out greatly. It is rated at watts at 4 ohms. The cab I was using was 8 ohms but still that should give me enough juice to play out live in a small bar setting.

Bought it, had hopes, but with the gain and volume both at 6 it is barely enough juice to practice with my band. I have not read the manual before using it With the blue Tolex amps like the jet of the brand , lightness I liked the least, that the head is manufactured in China although I do not know if it is a reliable Settings on the front: switch todB input level, gain, 3-band EQ, volume, limited.

Front panel connectors: instrument input jack, stereo jack 3. Stereo headphone jack 3. So a head very busy, although I would have preferred a compressor instead of the limit I love the simple design and robust, the metal case exudes health. The head complies with sound, with a signature Ampeg sound quite discreet and very clean. The sound is rich and varied mediums easily punch growl. The sound that comes out of the DI is very loyal, and the head does not move when you walk up the volume.

The headphone output is nickel, and very useful on this type of amp. Since I travel a lot on foot or by public transport, I really appreciate having a compact, lightweight and So a good sound, good ID, good body and good for a small potato and a small price, it really is a concentrate of Ampeg!


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Ampeg PF-350 Portaflex 350W Bass Head



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