Lee la obra atentamente, tomando notas a pie de pgina o al margen y subrayando los aspectos ms significativos para comenta de la obra. Argumento: Dos chicos adolescentes chinos viven en una poca en la que China realiza numerosos cambios en su poltica, con lo cual tambin es su estilo de vida. Estos dos adolescentes se ven obligados a acatar dichos cambios, y uno de ellos es ser enviados a una aldea perdida en la montaa del Fnix del Cielo, cerca de la frontera con el Tibet, para ser reeducados como la mandaba ahora la ley, implantada en la nueva sociedad china por Mao Zedong, en los aos 60 a finales. En esta montaa perdida, lejos de sus casas y, en definitiva, de su vida, una vida que ser difcil volver a vivir, viven en una situacin muy mala, podramos decir incluso infrahumana, y con una esperanza muy pequea de poder volver a sus hogares. Pero cansados de trabajar sin parar, y de ser tratados como animales, un da cambi todo para ellos, al descubrir una maleta de un amigo suyo de otra aldea contigua a la suya, llena de libros prohibidos en la poca; libros de autores occidentales. Pero para ellos no fue tan fcil conseguir esos libros, ya que tuvieron que hacer favores muy duros a dicho amigo, para que ste reconociera tener esos libros all despus dejarles alguno.

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Shak Which I guess makes me realize that Sijie seemed so concerned with showing off his erudition that he got too lazy to flesh out the characters or plot. The book and the trip out left me feeling a queer sort of empty, as if all the false hope of, say, a Balzac novel had been ripped abruptly from me. To ask other readers questions about Balzac y la joven costurera chinaplease sign up.

Una poesia che, purtroppo, non ho riscontrato nel romanzo, che non mi ha emozionato e le cui aspettative si sono sciolte come neve al sole. That said, I did not enjoy the book. These two boys were sent away from their homes, their families and their former education, and neither one —the primary narrator and latter his friend— had nothing to reflect on, but the fact that they discovered some forbidden books?

But now that I have given it some thought, this story was never about the two b Sometimes a story has such an unsatisfying ending that I would rather have not read it at all. Balzac y la joven costurera china by Dai Sijie 2 star ratings The s This was a delightful little story, but suffered greatly from lack of character development.

He lives in Paris and writes in French. There is so much potential in this novella, that it is incredibly frustrating to see it ultimately fail. The book is bleak and ends abruptly, with little resolution.

It is not exactly a tragedy, since the characters are no worse off at the end than at the beginning, but there is no way for the reader to predict, at all, what will finally become of them.

Even near the end, when it seems she might actually be inhabiting an identity separate from the two boys who want her, it is evidence only through the changing of her appearance, which makes her only more sexually appealing.

Ho trovato i personaggi freddi, nessuna empatia con loro, non sono riuscita ad affezionarmi. The re-education consists of hard manual work: It became an object of veneration, almost. These supposedly teenage boys in the 20th century speak with an affectation that feels unrelatable and false. These novels also serve to sustain the two companions during this difficult time.

Books by Dai Sijie. It gave me a reading list of canonical Western texts without showing what it is that makes these texts so powerful. Balzac y la joven costurera china The villagers spoke pretty poetic language, and not exactly the kind that common, uneducated people would use because there are many kinds of poetry in the world. Hiding their most valuable treasure, the boys are able to transit to different worlds full of love, adventure and freedom, things they believed jocen lost for them forever.

Luo decides that the seamstress is too uncultured and uneducated for him and he is determined to educate her and make her more sophisticated so that they can be together. I could not connect or sympathize completely with the characters, and in that the story was ruined for me.

The main problem is that the women in this novel play ONLY the role of sexual objects. Probably a little of all of these. So the boys have been reeducated?

Well that was disappointing. I feel it capitalized on Western stereotypes and failed to present any real human story. He has also created Ma and Lou as the means for books to reach the seamstress, and having done so, cared for them no longer, and if the reader has gotten invested, too bad.

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