Kazirg Banapple Menus Prices Claim meu listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more. Show reviews that mention. Breakfast, Late Night, Delivery, Reservations. We sat on a one corner of the resto on the second floor and it feels comfy sitting on a soft kinda couch. I had a slice of Banoffie Pie. Baked Fish Gratinee with Scalloped Potatoes Succulent white fish baked in cream sauce with a hint of mustard on a bed of herbed scalloped potatoes, crowned with a mozzarella-crumb topping, served with white rice and corn relish I had the baked creamy cheesy penne pasta for lunch and while their serving is good for sharing, I managed to finish the whole bowl The accompanying pesto bread was perfect and Banapplf managed to even clean the bowl and wiped down the sauce with it.

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Too bad they have no branch here in the south area yet. We went to the closest branch we can find… Their branch in Tomas Morato. I heard that they serve amazing desserts.

Cheesecakes to be exact. But I was surprised that they also serve amazing Pasta and Rice Meals! Exhale… The place is small, they only have around small tables inside their cute store in il Terrazzo. The staff and crew were very friendly and polite.

We waited at their waiting bench outside the store while looking at their menu. It is very relaxing and cozy. They have colorful interiors. The tables were colorful as well as the other decorations around the store. The table setting was simple and neat. A truly refreshing place to eat. I am so excited to eat! Please let us in! After around 15 minutes, finally it was our turn! While waiting for our turn, I saw this pasta dish that looks sooo good that unintentionally my eyes were glued and was following the plate as it was being served on the table of the other customer.

I immediately asked one of the crew what was that… she told me.. I must have that! I must tell you, all the food that I have tried was great! Will remind you of Home Cooked Meals! Soo Good! Tastes like Ice Cream! Super Creamy! But for Me… It is Good for Me! So Far, The best Lasagna in the whole wide world for me! Rolled-up Lasagna Noodles filled with cheese then topped with their super delicious meat sauce!

I can eat this everyday For the rest of my life! It is a Must Try! Served with corn relish and Garlic Rice. Another super good entry from Banapple! Super tender, Juicy, Flavorful! Just Good! Terrific Tuna Sandwich P Mounds of creamy tuna salad topped with cheese, lettuce, and special dressing! If you love Tuna Sandwich, You will love this one! Salpicao Rafael P Tender Rib-Eye Cubes with Sliced Mushrooms, Perfectly seasoned and smothered garlic pieces and their special brown sauce, served with buttered carrots.

Pan-Fried Pork loin with Herb Mushroom Gravy P Juicy Pork loin steak seasoned with special herbs, pan friend in olive oil, and smothered in a thick mushroom and herb gravy, served with glazed carrots. Chicken Breast Parmigiano P Tender chicken breast fillet encrusted in a parmesan crumb mixture topped with a rich stewed tomato sauce and melted mozzarella, served with buttered carrots!

Now The desserts… Want can I say?! They were all GOOD! I managed to try 8 of their Cakes, but there were still a lot more left to try! My Favorite?! The Apple Caramel Crumble Pie! It is apple pie to the next 10 levels! I suppose it slipped your mind having seen those wonderful cakes! If the cakes were good… The pies did not disappoint either!

Actually they were really good as well. For just P50 each, you get a super delicious pie as big as half of your plate! And the Taste… Ooohhh soo good! We were so full! So the pies… to go na lang! They have this cute paper bag to wrap your to go items!

The packaging was so nice, you can give it as a gift for someone! Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Banapple Menus Prices

Shortly, banapple expanded its client base to include well known food establishments and restaurants, all being served from a home-based kitchen located in Quezon City. Banapple shortly thereafter transferred its main kitchen to a bigger and more accessible location along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City. Banapple operates a cake showroom cum cafe at the facade of this kitchen. In addition to pies, cakes and cheesecakes, Banapple serves yummy home-cooked style hot meals like the well-loved Chicken Parmigiano, Lasagna Roll-ups and Hickory-smoked Country Ribs as well as sandwiches, pastas, and great pancakes. Banapple has become a pleasant landmark, and commuters stop for a quick take out to and from work and school. We will continuously strive to surpass our own accomplishments. MISSION To nourish our community through engaged relationships by offering products that are at the most reasonable and affordable price.




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