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October 29, at am To Barack, Daktari; Kibaki is a politician and a lier at that and will wear a brave face even infront of all adversity. He knows he is loosing but will fight to the end, however he will not be able to affect the operations of the next Government after he looses. He can not use the military or the police force for anything sinister even if he wanted to because the Generals Know about the Hague and Arusha, remember we live in a Global village.

They are trying all that they possibly can but the Pentagon is like steel, ODM is well integrated up to the grassroots and Kenyans are well informed and generally decided for change.

All the Pentagon needs are more themes of debate, campaign strategies, funds for effective campaigns and continous communication with people in the villages convincing them why Raila and why ODM is the best chance for Kenya since indipendence spread the Gospel. Mkenya; Everybody wants Majimbo including our brothers from central Kenya and they have said as much in several fora. Remember the constitutional Referandum? Majimbo was never contentious. As long as our brothers from central Kenya have the Kenyatta, moi adultarated indipendence contitution and power which make them the gretest beneficiaries of the central goverment they will fight to retain the status quo but will change tact as soon as power slips from their hands.

The greatest agitators for devolution during the Moi era included our brothers from central Kenya. Majimbo as spelt in the Bomas draft the ODM type will not allienate anybody. If I live and farm in central Kenya, it is only fair that I pay my taxes to that Jimbo and be involved in its development read good road networks, electricity, education, Hospitals etc some of which will improve my bussiness directly and others indirectly like human resource development for future improvement in my bussiness.

Jimbos that could be considered poor today are only poor in the eyes of the short sighted as they have a very high potential in terms of resources that have never been tapped. This is where the central government will come in. Does affirmative action ring a bell? Take North Eastern as an example. Livestock farming for beef can be improved to make it the chief chief exporter of beef and beef products to the middle aest and European countries. Remember thousands of camel being exported to Saudi arabia and Australia from North Aestern province.

A central government affirmative action policy to add value to the products will actally have Kenyans migrate to this Jimbo to tap on this great economic potential. Another activity would be poultry farming from parts of North Eastern and Eastern jimbos.

Horticulture and fluoriculture can be the main activities in parts of Eastern and Rift valley jimbos. On the issue of cohesion; Kenyans have never been that cohessive in 45 years yet they have always had a central governament. Probably active integration and involvment of people from all the tribes in their jimbos will make us more cohessive as nobody will have undue advantage over the others. The assumption that devolution can only work in large nations like the USA does not hold any water.

You want Kenyans to work hard? You will be suprised at how great the potential of this country and her people is.


Constitution of Kenya

The opposition argues the Bomas draft will give Kenyans an opportunity to come up with a Constitution that will cater for the interests of all Kenyans. NASA co-principal Musalia Mudavadi said they are holding consultative meetings on how to push for a national referendum to amend the Constitution. Read: In an interview with Citizen TV, Mudavadi said the current governance structure lacks inclusivity, and that the referendum would give Kenyans a chance to slot in the Bomas draft. The Premier would be the head of Cabinet and appointed by the President. It had also slotted in positions for two Deputy Prime Ministers and a maximum of 20 and a minimum of 15 ministers. Read: Also read: The in the October 26 repeat presidential polls. Uhuru has trashed the proposals by NASA, arguing that they were time-barred and that focus should be on development in his second and final term.


Constitutional reforms in Kenya

Senate dissolved and its members combined with those of the House of Representatives into a unicameral National Assembly. Opposition to amendment the leads to the arrest and imprisonment of Philomena Chelagat Mutai and George Anyona. This was followed by the mlolongo system where secret-ballots were no longer used. The change enabled the introduction of term limits to the Presidency. Deliberations on how this reforms will be tackled will be discussed in the second session of the 10th Parliament that began in April


The public was given 30 days to scrutinise the draft and forward proposals and amendments to their respective members of parliament, after which a revised draft was presented to the Parliamentary Committee on 8 January The Parliamentary Select Committee PSC revised the draft and returned the draft to the Committee of Experts [5] who published a Proposed Constitution on 23 February that was presented to Parliament for final amendments if necessary. After failing to incorporate over amendments to the proposed constitution, parliament unanimously approved the proposed constitution on 1 April The proposed constitution was presented to the Attorney General of Kenya on 7 April , officially published on 6 May , and was subjected to a referendum on 4 August

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