Canon XF Plugin for Avid Media Access Instructions This plugin was created to allow you to easily link the clips you recorded using the camcorder to your Avid non-linear editing system. Refer also to the instruction manuals of the editing software used. Preparations This plugin is compatible with Media Composer, version 4. Complete the following preparations before using this plugin.

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Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Switching over the flash memory recording may strike fear in the hearts of tape-lovers, but Canon is simply following the trend of the industry. Some users may be wary of switching from tape over to flash memory recording. Its design is more streamlined and the buttons are easier to access.

The dedicated auto mode is also a splendid sight to see, although the switch is a bit small, so it may be difficult to find at first. The presence of three distinct lens rings make features like focus, aperture, and shutter speed very easy to adjust on the fly. We applaud Canon for including simple things like easy-access switches, and features like the LCD panel that can be positioned on either side of the camcorder.

Perhaps our biggest objection—though a small one—was the flimsy port covers. This is a concern with all new camcorder equipment, however, and since flash memory is clearly the direction the industry is heading, this will have to be something most professional videographers get used to at some point in their career.

Manual controls are extensive, but the camcorder does not have an interchangeable lens mount. In addition to your traditional aperture, shutter speed, white balance, gain, and focus controls, the XF also has a variety of advanced manual controls that are prized by pros.

You can set gamma control with six different options, black level adjustment, knee point, sharpness, noise reduction, color correction, and more. The camcorder even has a multitude of variable frame rate options ranging from 12 to 30fps for full HD recording, or up to 60fps in when shooting p. The XF has a variety of advanced manual controls that are prized by pros. The lens on the XF has an 18x optical zoom and a wide angle adapter can be purchased as an accessory from Canon.

Canon includes this port on all of its consumer camcorders, but its new pro models must rely on the dual XLR inputs for audio connection. This lack of a 3. The onboard audio adjustment dials are near the back of the camcorder. Two separate dials exist one for each channel and audio level control can be set to auto, manual, or locked at a specific level.

The XF has additional audio switches near the front of the camcorder that allows you to specify mic or line levels for the XLR inputs. A headphone jack is located in the rear collection of ports and two headphone volume adjustment buttons are on the top of the camcorder under the handlebar.

The video connectivity options on the XF are fairly basic for a pro camcorder. The XF has been a long time coming for Canon. The camcorder has a wonderful LCD and viewfinder setup, excellent manual controls, and many quick-access dials and switches to make settings as easy to adjust as possible. Whether or not the XF succeeds as far as image quality is concerned is another matter entirely. Many aspects go into determining video quality, and compression systems and codecs are just a small part of the formula.

The 4-inch LCD, comfortable handling, and the fact that the camcorder records to easy-to-find Compact Flash memory cards can all be considered strong points.


Canon XF300

But, though the shallow depth of field that they can offer is appealing to film makers of all stripes, they are really lousy video cameras. Photographers and videographers are spending thousands to buy accessory gear so that these can focus and handle properly in a video environment. This means that proper professional-grade video cameras remain very much in demand. Sony, Panasonic and JVC each introduced their memory card-based camcorders several years ago, and in some cases are now on their second and even third generation products.


Canon XF305 Instruction Manual

Tat View All Business Services. The focusing range is 2 cm 0. Find Supplies and Accessories About Counterfeits. Press the J or I button. Defective parts will be exchanged for new parts or comparable rebuilt parts for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of original purchase, except for a defective Video Head, which will be exchanged for a period of three months from the date of purchase.

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