But then, I also found myself smiling and sometimes rolling my eyes at Emily Keane because she is sooo naive and ignorant. Especially after she resigned from her job. Her way of thinking kind of reminded me of myself some 10 years ago when I first had a job and I had my life organized. Then when one unexpected event happened, I was scared to move on.

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It started off a little slow but built and built and built. The main character, Emily, starts off depressed but a bunch of things happen to take her life in a whole new direction. She gets herself into so many messes, and there is one hilarious mishap after another. Great characters, lots of unique humor, interesting premise, quick and enjoyable read that reminded me a lot of Sophie Kinsella in style.

I had to buy Part 2, and it turned out to be even better. Very fun read, and I look forward to more from this author. Carpe DiEmily lets the audience know that someone or something is always there for another person to give them and their life some purpose. Everyone has something to live for, big or small. This book can be a day brightener for those who read it. It gives a sense of hope for the people who dont have any. Carpe DiEmily is sure to have a lasting effect on everyone who reads it.

Carpe DiEmily was exceptionally written. Once you started reading, you definitely could not stop so it was obviously a cliffhanger. Each chapter held a surprise that you had to continue reading to find out what that surprise was.

For example, after Emily and her longtime boyfriend Lenny had separated, she decided to commit suicide because she felt like she had no other reason to be alive. No one would miss her. Why not give her life some meaning? Why not save someone else? The author had a way of foreshadowing many of the points in the story. This made the story come together smoothly which made it a wonderful book to read. Carpe DiEmily was extremely captivating.

Many, many people in the world experience the feelings Emily felt, empty and alone. While reading this book, much of the audience will laugh throughout. Although this book was comical, it had its serious moments. Carpe DiEmily was very relatable. While reading the book, the audience could tie in their own real life situations and connect with it. For example, every girl plans to get married when they get older.

The greatest strength of Carpe DiEmily was the fact that it was absolutely relatable. The plot of this story was something that could one hundred percent happen and real lifeā€¦ and does. Everything that Emily encountered was something every day people actually really go through.

Recently, suicide is very common and reading this book immediately made me think of one of my close friends. Another strength was the fact that every chapter was about the same length.

The greatest weakness of Carpe DiEmily was the fact that it ended. It was an amazing story. I would recommend this book to all of my friends and family. This book was very entertaining, and was definitely worth the read.

Carpe DiEmily can help with real life situations and potentially mend relationships. Carpe DiEmily is a part of a series, so based on this book I would recommend the others. I think the other books will have a lasting effect just like Carpe DiEmily.



Jutaur Dec 02, Nikki Jefford rated it it was amazing. The Experiment is a spin-off that will titillate you, amuse you, and stay with you until the next erotic romance crosses your Kindle. Very unique and funny. Carpe DiEmily Part 2: A Romantic Comedy Adventure From the beaches of California to Jamaica, New York, and Europe, Emily finds herself on a par race against time, running from an unscrupulous organ broker who wants her dead, all the while checking items off her unusual bucket list. Part 1 was a great setup for really getting to know the characters, and Cxrpe 2 knocked it out of the park. I Will Love You Forever. Or, it might be the massive earthquake that just happened!


Carpe DiEmily (Part 1)


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