Follow the instructions on the dialog boxes that appear on the screen. This will enable wireless projection. The Wireless standby screen will be projected if there is no wireless LAN connection between the projector and a computer. Page Wireless Connection 3 Perform either of the following operations to start up Wireless Connection 3 on the computer.

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The Slim is an earth-friendly, low maintenance, 5 pound projector with features such as a 2X Power Zoom Lens making it a great portable projector. They also include MobiShow. Included software a. Windows and Mac Compatible — Wireless Connection 3 b. Casio has achieved high brightness output of green light, which until now, has been considered difficult with conventional semiconductor light sources, by efficiently converting blue laser light into green light using a fluorescent element.

Mercury Free Light source Provides 10X longer light source life than Casio mercury lamp while being more economical based on lamp replacement. The Slim projector features quick startup and shutdown. The projector reaches its maximum brightness in a minimum of 8 seconds and requires no cooling down period - an advantage for keeping presentations focused and smooth.

Superior Colour The Slim projector delivers a 50 percent increase in color spectrum for high impact presentations due to improvements in LED and laser technology. Superior color reproduction enhances color purity allowing visual effects to appear brighter and offering powerful images that conventional projectors cannot match.

Whether it is viewing a spreadsheet or two applications side by side, the WXGA Slim projector provides more useable screen area and displays more information on the same screen. Software is required and included with select Casio USB models.


Casio Slim XJ-A246 DLP Projector overview





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