Whoever it is, they re definitely dangerous and Sookie s life is definitely on the line My Review A bump in my rating for this entry in the series because I love Quinn, the weretiger we ve just met in the last book, as Sookie s new suitor Also love the ectoplasmic reconstruction of Hadley s murder So cool. Hadley, Sookie s cousin, dies the True Death and Sookie now needs to what a surprise clean up the loose ends of her worldly estate You just know bad stuff will happen herebad badand of course, it does Sookie s never gonna catch a break Well, there wouldn t be a series if she did, now would there And adding to the revels is the Big Reveal of Sookie s fascination for the supernatural community, which it damn near kills me not to spoiler But I won t Not that there are any Americans left who can read who haven t read these books already. Okay, that s an exaggeration, but these are very much as popular as Twilight thank the gods and its hell spawn It s just an older crowd And, I suspect though I cannot prove this, a gayer crowd There s a degree of identification with Sookie and her relationship problems that most gay guys and lesbians can expect to experience, because there are vocal and crazy passionate groups hatin on Sookie and her friends and lovers simply for existing and being themselves All in the name of what s Good and Right, of course. Hmm Not like I ve ever heard that line of shit aimed at me before. So here we have a series that s made phenomenal success out of showing up hatred and intolerance, demonstrating the futility of trying to reason with the insanely hate filled, and triumphing by refusing to accept anyone else s definition of your essential self.

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Only this time it is to the city of New Orleans, and the vampire is her cousin, Hadley. But before Sookie can leave Bon Temps there is plenty to keep her occupied. One is a new co-worker that Sookie is suspicious off, one is a new worker at Fangtasia, a vampire, who Sookie takes a liking too, and one is a man that Sookie takes a real liking too.

There are friends, and enemies, new and old. Kings and Queens, killers and kidnappers. There are obligations, revelations, allegations, confrontations, confessions, broken hearts, broken bodies and fancy dresses. Sookie is shown New Orleans in all its forms, from the bright lights of the city, to the grand old Garden District, to the dark and damp swamps and bayous, whether she wanted to see it or not. Sookie is learning more and more about the supernatural community everyday, and so too are we.

Every moment brings new excitement and new challenges, this book will keep you on your toes and keep you guessing. I recommend reading the short story One Word Answer by Charlaine Harris, found in the book Bite, before reading this book as it provides a lot of background for this story, although I should say it is not entirely necessary.

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