From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Community involvement in valuing and managing monuments and sites Jan — Jan Each student spends at least three years in school. National meeting for follow-up on Periodic Reporting Friday, 15 December The 3rd year is dedicated to specialised courses, such as sharp technical skills and good management basics. Planning for Sustainable Management: Capacity-building Workshop for Niue Mar — Mar Modelization and optimization of the Product-Process interactions applied to high performance products. However, in practice, the remained military and the students continued to wear the uniform. The school was founded in LiancourtOiseby Duke of Rochefoucauld-Liancourt in ; it was originally meant to provide in-depth training for military dragoon officers memnes.

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Doudal Action Plan on Prehistory Sep — Sep International conference on reconstruction: Application deadline 30 June: Together these laboratories raise Information and exchange session and Orientation session on the occasion of 41st session of the World Heritage Committee Tuesday, 23 May The school also has 2 satellite campuses in Bouc-bel-Air and Laval that are under the authority of the main campuses of Aix-en-provence and Angers.

Monday, 16 February Wednesday, 4 July Paris is the headquarters of the national student association UE and organizes all the global events. The most popular programs are with:. Students who wish to participle in these programmes are judged and selected according to their academic ranking during the first year of study. Application to piezoelectric materials, electrical networks and electromagnetism in materials.

Laboratory of electronics and digital imaging. Final meeting of the 2nd Periodic Reporting cycle of the Africa region restricted access Feb — Feb The members of the SOCE society of the alumni play an important role in the student life.

Strengthening south-south collaboration on World Heritage and sustainable tourism May — May Preservation Challenges in the 21st Century Foncours — Oct Deadline extended — Call for participants: Laboratory of product design and innovation. However, in practice, the organisation remained military and the students continued to wear the uniform.

Engineering and sciences in the fields of marine and submarine observation, modelisation and communications. Laboratory of IT and systems.

Celebration of the 40th anniversary and adoption of the planning process: Laboratory of fluid dynamics. Temple, Environment and People T.


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