A windowed side panel makes it easy to show off your work. Three Isolated Cooling Zones The power supply compartment, main compartment and the SATA bays each have dedicated cooling subsystems to prevent heat buildup. A dust-filtered mm fan draws in cold air at the bottom of the case and exhausts it at the rear and top. This clever design forces fresh air directly over the graphics card and CPU.

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Page 7: Operation Obsidian Series D 2. Operation 2. How to remove and re-install side panels 2. Removing the side panel Press and hold the release button on the rear of the case for the corresponding side panel.

Gently pull the side panel away from case and then lift vertically to remove the panel. When the side panel is flush, release the button and the side panel will lock into place. Re-installing the front panel Once you are ready to re-install the front panel, line up the mounting pegs with the holes, as indicated in the above image.

Press the front panel firmly on the locations indicated until it latches. Gently slide the drive carrier back into the drive bay, leaving the pull handle open.

Once the carrier is secure in the bay, close the handle until it latches shut. How to install a hard drive into the lower 3. Step 3 - Once the drive rails are installed on the drive, slide it into the bay until it clicks in place and is secure.

Step 2 — Once you have successfully installed your heatsink, simply lift the door up and press until it latches shut. How to install an optical drive Step 1 — Remove the front panel from the case see 2. Step 2 — Decide which bay you will use and remove the corresponding front drive bay cover from the front panel. How to install the motherboard Step 1 — Determine what type of motherboard you have and install the black colored copper standoffs appropriately.

This is provided by the motherboard manufacturer. How to install the power supply Place the power supply in the bottom power supply bay and install the screws as shown. How to remove or add case fans 2. Remove these screws to remove or replace this fan. Step 3 — Replace the hot-swap drive bay fan cover. Use the included screws and rubber fan grommet to install a mm fan in the space provided see below. Top case exhaust fans Use the provided case fan screws to screw the fans into the top of the case.

Bottom intake fan 2. How to remove the dust filter for maintenance Remove the dust filter — pull the tab from the bottom rear of the case to remove dust filter. Clean using a clean, damp cloth or canned air.

Once the filter is dry, replace it by sliding it back in between the rails.





Corsair Obsidian Series 800D User Manual


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