This article is part of a series that examines a release from 2E Dark Sun and sees how and if it can be integrated with the new 4E version of the world setting. It is 96 pages and has 5 chapters. It starts of by going into the exactly how they are different in the first section. From there it goes into what types of physical activity the elves commonly partake of. The next section is fairly long and goes into the elven racial abilities.

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Weapon Familiarity Elven blades are considered martial weapons, and elves are proficient with all bows. Temperature resilience Elves suffer extreme heat and cold as if it were only very hot or cold.

The check increases each day in this order: 15, 20, 30, If the elf fails, he must make at least a full days rest before attempting again.

Naturally Psionic Elves receive Wild Talent as a bonus feat at 1st level. If an elf takes levels in a psionic class, he may replace Wild Talent with Psionic Talent instead. Elven Psionics Elves gain the following psionic power: conceal thoughts. Thousands of tribes of nomadic elves wander the dunes and steppes of Athas.

They race across the bleak land- scape, stealing, fighting, or cheating sustenance out of the land and its inhabitants. While all elf tribes share certain traditions and customs, each approaches these customs in a unique manner. The elves of Athas are extremely individualistic, as the behaviour and outlook of each tribe demonstrates. To gain a better understanding of these individual traditions and customs, it is helpful to examine a few specific tribes.

The tribes that have been selected are all currently operating in the Tablelands, and each represents a different aspect of the elven lifestyle. In the entries that follow, each tribe is presented in a uniform manner. An overview of the tribe starts each entry.


The Burnt World of Athas

In the company began pre-production on a new campaign setting that would use this ruleset, the working title of which was "War World. TSR worried about this concept, wondering how to market a product that lacked any familiar elements. The designers credited this reversion as a pivotal change that launched the project in a new direction. With the exception of Denning and Kirchoff, design veterans such as David "Zeb" Cook declined to join the conceptual team though Cook would write the first two adventure modules: Freedom and Road to Urik.


Supplement Product Description They run across the burning plains where others fear to walk. They live for the moment, these savages of a dying world. The elves of Athas are wild, dangerous, and unlike any other elves. Forget the frail forest dwellers of other campaign worlds. They are thieves and raiders, swift warriors and terrible foes. Elves of Athas explores the passions that drive them, the abilities that make them different from the other races, and the out look that lets them survive beneath the crimson sun. This accessory includes savage encounters with the better known tribes and an updated map of the Tablelands region.

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