Thus Business Week , which starts each issue anew with page one, is a magazine, but the Journal of Business Communication , which continues the same sequence of pagination throughout the coterminous year, is a journal. Some professional or trade publications are also peer-reviewed, for example the Journal of Accountancy. Non-peer-reviewed academic or professional publications are generally professional magazines. That a publication calls itself a journal does not make it a journal in the technical sense; The Wall Street Journal is actually a newspaper. This explains why magazine publications share the word root with gunpowder magazines, artillery magazines, firearms magazines, and, in French and Russian adopted from French as Магазин , retail stores such as department stores. The subscription business models for distribution fall into three main categories: Paid circulation[ edit ] In this model, the magazine is sold to readers for a price, either on a per-issue basis or by subscription, where an annual fee or monthly price is paid and issues are sent by post to readers.

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The world of Image in Progress is growing and with it the number of initiatives for you to join its vibrant community. Besides the official website, www. Keep an eye on us! Follow our events! From the very start, Image in Progress has attracted a lot of attention among image professionals.

In fact, prestigious partnerships were established almost immediately, which allowed: a Image in Progress to reach an increasingly wider audience in different high-level international contexts; and b our partners to take advantage of a highly focused and effective showcase to promote their initiatives in photography, fashion and design see Mediapartnership box.

For these events we invited and involved those who follow us not only through the paper edition, but also through the social networks. Follow us on the social networks!

First of all, we invite you to join us on our Facebook fan page, which we use for official communications and as a blog to publicize the events and best images of our contacts, other professionals, publications or brands that we follow. We now have close to 1, contacts with a potential of 1. We are recording a progressive increase of followers on Twitter and on issuu. As we approach our fourth issue, we have also launched Image in Progress TV, www.

It is a video-blog where, in addition to introduction and promotional videos of every issue of the paper magazine, you can watch the photos of our events and our interviews made in the field, during trade shows, exhibitions and other events. These brief interviews, accompanied by the photos which we comment, explain and publicize, suggest and give voice to photographers, gallery owners, trade magazine editors, other professionals …who talk about their work without overshadowing the images which, thanks to the zoom on the original files, can be observed in detail.

However, our YouTube and Vimeo channels remain constantly active; here, too, we would be happy to add you and keep an eye on your work, the way we do on Facebook and Twitter. Image in Progress promotes emerging talents!

That is why we will accept submissions by sector professionals and by anyone who thinks that we should follow his or her work. Even if we do not publish you, at Image in Progress the door is always open! Where to find us and how to help us! We publicize our upcoming events on the social networks, on the blog as well as on or official website, where often you can buy old and new issues of Image in Progress at our stand.

However, you can pick up a copy of Image in Progress at the best international newsstands or directly online on our official website: www. But, if you really want to play it safe and eliminate the risk of missing even one of our upcoming issues, you can take advantage of our great subscription offers. If you too talked about us, tell us about your blog, we will be happy to share it!

Milan will host the 14th Photoshow on March , an event where professional and amateur photographers will be able to learn about the latest development and trends in the photographic and digital sectors. Everyone will be able to participate in the meetings with professional photographers for portfolio readings, for practical explanations and demonstrations of how to use equipment that the best companies are about to launch in the market, as well as the exhibition of antique cameras… Events such as the Photographers Days by AIF, organized by Starring and Eikonzero for the Italian Association of Photo-Digital Imaging are an opportunity to keep up with the latest developments and to make new contacts but are of interest also for amateurs or the merely curious.

An attractive experience is that devoted to the shop of Antonio Manta, a well-known photographer and a respected Art printer, where one can learn about the entire flow of work in a Fine Art studio.

Yet, what does this particular sector represent in your reality? How do these two events combine together? It has reached a very high quality level and this year we have about one hundred galleries, including some the most prestigious ones, for as long as two months. Each set up a photo exhibition in its own space while others, organized directly by us, from the Photoshow, will be present also inside the tradeshow.

Exhibitors set up sessions where such high-caliber photographers as Maurizio Galimberti see exclusive interview in Image in Progress N. This year we had for the first time in Italy a promotional screen or totem using eye-tracking technology.

You can go through promotional pages or take a virtual journey through the tradeshow by moving your eyes or batting your eyelids. In addition, we as organizers find it very useful to have accurate statistics on the most visited pages or even the areas of the single pages that attracted the most attention.

Also, as I said, both amateurs and professionals can test equipment, participate in contests, show what they can do. Young people, in particular, are fascinated by photography thanks also to cellular phones which, on one side, can be seen as competing with small reflexes and, on the other, as entry-level equipment to stimulate a passion for photography and eventually the purchase of more sophisticated cameras.

In the last few years, fairs have become a key player in the market for galleries trying to reach new collectors. The idea with fotofever was to create a specialized fair, dedicated only to photography, in order to help the development of a market for new generations of collectors and buyers. We have organized 2 editions so far; one in Paris in 40 galleries, 11, visitors and one in Brussels in 65 galleries, 10, visitors.

The results are encouraging for both editions: there is a great potential in Brussels, heart of Europe, crossroads of collectors, a very hospitable and accessible city and, as for Paris, it was time to create a real satellite fair to Paris Photo, with a younger scene to reveal and a more friendly approach to get a new generation of buyers.

But what is important is the potential and the position fotofever can achieve. In Belgium, the photography market is small but the potential is big: there is a great art culture with on top of it great collectors and great collections! Brussels, as capital of Europe even if the city remains a small capital: 1 million people is uniquely positioned among London, Amsterdam, Paris and Cologne. In Belgium, there is less competition with only 2 major fairs that have been taking place in Brussels for several decades: Brafa antiques in January and Art Brussels only contemporary art in April.

What is its importance in the contemporary art context? People take less time to visit the galleries when they know they can see them altogether in a fair, which is livelier, more fun! And collectors, when they trust a gallery, they can buy with just a phone call, without seeing the gallerist, without seeing the art work. A gallery can have clients all over the world.

There is no art frontier! The good thing about contemporary photography is to be able to meet the artists and to get lower prices than vintage photography. What are the keys to the success of the Salon de la Photo? One of its main features is that it is designed both for the general public and for professionals, which makes it doubly interesting for exhibitors. Visitors in included 66, non-professionals, 11, professionals, 2, students of photography and related subjects, and journalists.

They may come for professional reasons - some come to look for equipment for kitting out photofinishing shops or studios. But members of the general public come simply because they love photography.

The event is a showcase for high-end products and even at this level amateur photographers always turn out to be experts in the field. It gives visitors the chance to meet and talk to experts.

Cameras have a host of new functions, and the range of products on display has widened thanks to the presence of audio and video professionals. A growing number of schools and training bodies exhibit at the event, and there are also travel companies specialising in photo safaris, book publishers, and so on It also has a significant cultural dimension, highlighting the practice of photography and the work of professional photographers. How do you ensure that all photographers are kept in the loop?

The Salon de la Photo now extends well beyond the borders of France, as shown by our privileged relationship with Image in Progress. Surrealism, minimalist landscape and classical nude photography demonstrate the diversity of the work on display. Her photographs show dream-like narratives through a series of digital montages.

Despite the wealth of digital mastery on display there is space for some refined analogue techniques such as gum print. Gum print is by no means predictable, allowing the work to take on forms that could not previously be imagined. Slovakian photographer, Zoltan Bekefy is another artist who draws inspiration from classical imagery, yet he manages to transform his grande landscapes into contemporary minimalist scenes.

His adopted home in Ireland is clearly the source of inspiration, demonstrating subtle black and white images of turbulent seas and dramatic headlands.

The public opening evening will be held on Thursday 18th April with the exhibition running until 27th April at the Crypt Gallery, London. Free Entry. Founders Maria and Edward Loades believe that by organising international exhibitions they can provide a platform for their artists to excel at the beginning of their careers. United Creativity are committed to selling affordable art both at their exhibitions and through their extensive online gallery.

This approach has allowed art novices and collectors to purchase high quality art in the comfort of their homes or more directly at the one of their events. The company also works closely with Interior Designers to provide the best selection of contemporary photography available in the current market.

Circuito Off was founded 13 years ago by a group of Venetian friends in Paris. Most of us where just out from university, and each one was doing something different. The original idea was to create a showcase for emerging talents in Venice during the main Film Festival.

From the very beginning we were all very ambitious and work together to build an out standing international event. In 13 years, as you can imagine, many things have changed. Only a few of those in the original group are still part of the organization and others have joined.

But the most important change has been in the concept of the Festival. Circuito Off started off as a short film festival and today is a video and moving image festival. There is a big difference between these two definitions.

From cinema we moved towards contemporary art and other forms of video which are always digital, produced with very small crews and linked to fashion videos and music. This transition started in and is all about curatorial choices. I think that a simple list of names like this one can give you quite an idea of what we have been doing and what we like. The aim of Circuito OFF. The most important aim of Circuito Off today is to draw a line that goes from cinema to video passing though different genres to highlight the intense experimentalism that can be found among the contemporary creative video production.

Thus we need each time to add a word to video: video art, fashion video, video clip, etc Still I think that all the artists or directors that have been at Circuito Off have something in common: an original and very subjective way of looking through the camera. Their own way which makes them always not only directors but artists. If you think your work could interest us… Regarding Circuito Off international competition, for a long time it has been launched and pushed through numerous newsletters over the world.

Today we stopped announcing it because we prefer for the main part to invite the artists and directors that we like, but we still receive many videos, and we still look at all of them, so if you think your work matches with our curatorial line please send us a link to look at it.

The digital age won definitively. Follow us! Subscribing to the festival newsletter and joining the facebook fan page you will be always updated to Circuito Off latest news.

After winning a scholarship in Venice, she decides to complete her studies in Barcelona at the Pompeu Fabra University, specializing in Contemporary Art with a study of the Catalan painter Antoni Tapies.

In year she founded in Paris, with a group of Italian friends, Circuito Off Venice Video and Moving Images festival, conceived as an event to showcase young talents in contemporary Film Festival in Venice. In she returned to Barcelona as coordinator of exhibitions at Metronom, private space for contemporary art owned by the Catalan Art Collector Rafael Tous.





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