Non-profit Youth From Business. This is a manifestation of the emerging transformation in the Hawaiian marketplace. Never before has such a high official publicly and without reservations turned an entire state over to Jesus! On February , , Harvest Evangelism hosted an international summit in Honolulu for both market- place and pulpit ministers to examine the latest nation transformation intelligence, especially in the context of the Hawaiian model, with the goal of developing new corps of nation Transformation Network to cast the vision for the total transformation of Hawaii, as well as the nations represented.

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Nikogar Ed Silvoso Renewal Journals — contents of all issues. Third, Resistencia is a key city in northern Argentina. Fill in your details below or click an silvoos to log in: I asked God if He was going to speak to me that night. Barbara Wentroble Public Figure. There is a tunnel that connects the outside world with the prison. School of Transformation Finally, on Wednesday at midnight I was heading for the training center after dropping Harvey off at his hotel. The town referenced was La Plata, no Laplata exists in Argentina.

A television studio in Buenos Aires quickly followed. This was unheard edgado before. On August 30,Harvest Evangelism was officially and legally born. For a video description, see: Many people had to be turned away because the basketball stadium was not big enough to accommodate the multitudes that responded to the invitation. That was something totally unheard of at the time. This represented a poor return on the amount of money and effort invested. As soon as 42 new converts are admitted to the church, a cell block is made available for them to move in.

The movement developed into the International Transformation Network ITN that was established to create strategic alliances between pulpits and marketplace leaders. Until a few years ago, the prison was in total chaos. We met with our pastor, and he directed us to go to four nearby towns that had no strong Christian witness. Since no money is allowed to circulate inside the prison, the inmates tithe from the care packages they receive from relatives.

Riots, murders, sexual abuse, extortion and male prostitution were commonplace. Issue 30, January—March You are silvooso using your Twitter account. An article published in the March issue of the El Puente newspaper implied that in the two years since the plan ended, the Church grew another percent, bringing edgqrdo cumulative growth to over percent, and the total exgardo of congregations toan increase of new ones. Subscribe for free to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts and free offers by email.

I had to be hooked up to the plasmapheresis machine to survive. Wagner led the class through a factual critique of mass evangelism. Two years ago, on December 21, my precious mother, Teresa Silvoso took her place in the Cloud of Witnesses after receiving numerous crowns for serving the Lord faithfully for 58 years. This had to do with grace. In the summer ofmy church held meetings every day of the week. You will learn how to be a better parent and how to equip and release your children to be agents of transformation.

Instead of aiming eddgardo division and mistrust, they went for unity and trust, and they decided to use the baptism of the new believers as the occasion. The Holy Spirit began to work in their lives and soon a deep bond of love had enveloped them completely.

At the end of that amazing night, I knew that my illness was an illness unto life. Most Related.


Inscrí­bete en la Escuela de Transformación

Daishakar For a video description, see: The Holy Spirit began to work in their lives and soon a deep bond of love had enveloped them completely. One of those days, the machine broke down and I almost died. They prayed for and were given one and a half hours a week on the prison radio station, which all inmates hear since the speaker cannot be turned down nor can the station be changed. Afterward, I was asked to be the preacher for this emerging congregation. Ruth and I enjoyed setting up crusades for Luis, producing TV and radio programs, and arranging presidential prayer breakfasts. Until a few years ago, the prison was in total chaos. When discharge day came, I asked permission to give the farewell speech, hoping to see a mass movement of conversions.

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Ed Silvoso

He led me to specific passages silvoeo the Bible and spoke to me from each one of them. Wagner led the class through a factual critique of mass evangelism. Carlos Annacondia and Mass Conversions Then, dramatic events began to unfold. The number of public decisions of faith was three times higher than in Rosario, and the percentage of incorporation into churches was 20 percent higher. Prison Revival in Argentina, by Edgardo Silvoso Renewal Journal She led thousands to the Lord and pastored under privileged children, many of who today lead mega churches in Argentina and overseas. Their vibrant singing is incredibly moving. Evangelistic Outreach As A Teenager When I was 14, I was picked out of my local church to be a youth evangelist and canvassed the streets of San Nicolas weekend after weekend.





Prayer Evangelism: How to Change the Spiritual Climate Over Your Home, Neighborhood and City


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