Enchiridion CEI 3, Then you shall do no work, you, or your son, or your daughter, or your servant, or your maid, or your ox, or your ass, or any of your beasts, djes the foreigner within your gates, that your servant and maid may rest as well as you. In enciclicaa Jubilee year, much will be done to give it the particular stamp demanded by the ending of the Second Millennium and the beginning of the Third since the Incarnation of the Word of God. As she confessed her faith, one of the martyrs said: Therefore, the main point of the precept is not just any kind of interruption of work, but the celebration of the marvels which God has wrought. Human psychology xomini fact desires the celebration of anniversaries, associating the return of dates and seasons with the remembrance of past events. In fact, it employs the different registers of love, from the ordinary and indirect to those more intense, which the words of Scripture and the witness of so many mystics do not hesitate to describe in imagery drawn from the experience of married love.

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Tauzilkree Therefore, by the authority which Christ conferred upon Peter and his Successors, in communion with the Bishops — who on various occasions have condemned abortion and who in the aforementioned consultation, albeit dispersed throughout the world, have shown unanimous agreement concerning this doctrine — I declare that direct abortion, that is, abortion willed as an endiclica or as a means, always constitutes a grave moral disorder, since it is the deliberate killing of an enciclic human being.

If believers are not to be overwhelmed, they must be able to count on the support of the Christian community.

These are moments of grace which must be fostered through evangelization and guided by genuine pastoral wisdom.

For Christians it is not normal that Sunday, the day of joyful celebration, should not also be a day of rest, and it is difficult for them to keep Sunday holy if they do not have enough free time.

Certainly, Christian joy must mark the enciclicca of life, and not just one day of the week. Punctuating the story as it does, ddies refrain sheds a positive light upon every element of the universe and reveals the secret for a proper understanding of it and for its eventual regeneration: The Sunday obligation The poetic style of the Genesis story conveys well the awe which people feel before the immensity of creation and the resulting sense of adoration of the One who brought all things into being from nothing.

Many of the insights and intuitions which prompt this Apostolic Letter have grown from my episcopal service in Krakow and, since the time when I assumed the ministry of Bishop of Rome and Successor of Peter, in the visits to the Roman parishes which I have made regularly on the Sundays of the different seasons of the Liturgical Year.

In order that rest may not degenerate into emptiness or boredom, it must offer spiritual enrichment, greater freedom, opportunities for contemplation and fraternal communion. But for those who cannot take part in the Eucharist and who are therefore excused from the obligation, radio and television are a precious help, especially if accompanied by the generous service of extraordinary ministers who bring the Eucharist to the sick, also bringing them the greeting and solidarity of the whole community.

The Resurrection of Jesus is the fundamental event upon which Christian faith rests cf. You are being redirected The present canonical and liturgical provisions allow each Episcopal Conference, because of particular circumstances in one country or another, to reduce the list of Holy Days of obligation. With Odmini, they learn to stand at the foot of the Cross, offering to the Father the sacrifice of Christ and joining to it the offering of their own lives. Related Articles.



What good is it if the Eucharistic table is overloaded with golden chalices, when he is dying of hunger? The mention of the Bishop in the Eucharistic Prayer is the indication of this. It is true that commitment to these people cannot be restricted to occasional Sunday gestures. This rather traditional way of keeping Sunday holy has perhaps become more difficult for many people; but the Church shows her faith in the strength of the Risen Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit by making it known that, today more than ever, she is unwilling to settle for minimalism and mediocrity at the level of faith. Saint Cyprian, De Orat.


Decálogo de la Carta Apostólica de Juan Pablo II «Dies Domini» sobre la eucaristía y el domingo

Questa promessa di Cristo continua a risuonare nella Chiesa, che in essa coglie il segreto fecondo della sua vita e la sorgente della sua speranza. Quanti infatti hanno ricevuto la grazia del battesimo, non sono stati salvati solo a titolo individuale, ma come membra del Corpo mistico, entrati a far parte del Popolo di Dio. In quel piccolo nucleo di discepoli, primizia della Chiesa, era in qualche modo presente il Popolo di Dio di tutti i tempi. Il giorno della Chiesa



Yet there is no conflict whatever dominii Christian joy and true human joys, which in fact are exalted deis find their ultimate foundation precisely in the joy of the glorified Christ, the perfect image and revelation of man as God intended. Joy is precisely one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit cf. Sharing in the Eucharist is the heart of Sunday, but the duty to keep Sunday holy cannot be reduced to this. The duty to keep Sunday holy, especially by sharing in the Eucharist and by relaxing in a spirit of Christian joy and fraternity, is easily understood if we consider the many different aspects of this day upon which the present Letter will focus our attention.



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