Akijora To ask other readers questions about Afterimageplease sign up. He hurts a lot, but is also determined to keep himself going and it was so beautiful to see him find a part within himself that needs to go on, for Sin. Zach has although unintentionally treated Emilio like dirt over the years and so I am glad he had to prove himself first. But, Boyd has been depressed and suicidal for the last couple of years.

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Their goals justify all means. Hsin Liu Vega Sin is their most efficient and deadly assassin ever. However, he tends to go off on unauthorized killing sprees and somehow his assigned partners all end up dead under suspicious circumstances. That is why the Agency has had him locked up in a box on the fourth floor for years. But now they think it is time to put the psychopath back in the field. With a new partner. Boyd is not afraid of death.

Can these two broken men form an efficient partnership? Can they learn to trust anyone, let alone each other? Other than that, this book is just perfect, and so far, the best mm i have ever read. The story was very cool, it had action, stealth missions, seductions and whatever else; but the main point was once again-in characters, who were so perfect that i have no words for.

Actually - they are one of the most believable set of characters ever. Anyway, it was just fantastic. And another thing for 4. And so many worth remembering.

Except for Sin and Boyd our hot male duo there are also many many more who are important for the story. Most of them i wanted to kill though. Except Ryan - he was way to adorable!!!! What more was there to fear or hate but life, endless life, with no respite? After a while we do see that he after all, has feelings and fears but he is afraid of showing them. Since his mother is one of the heads of the agency, everybody underestimated him always, and he was so-so in almost the same situation as Sin.

But unlike everyone else, he thought he could get to know Sin from the inside. Which he eventually succeeded. He also had really tortured past, and unlike the standard tortured heroes pasts. His was more complicated and in more ways always had quite psychological consequences.

The only thing i hated about him: he is way to observing stuff. To much info for my brain sometimes Many people consider him a monster,and in retaliation they treat him as an animal.

Sometimes he has bad "episodes" where he gloriously kills dozen people - without weapons sometimes. And every time something happens to him i am like this: They never treated him as a human, even though he is the agency best agent-assassin ever. So, in the end, they abuse him, torture him both mentally and physically, and they use his fear of claustrophobia against him so they can control him. AAAAAAnd, he would never be considered as a monster if they just gave him a chance, and no one ever did.

Except for Boyd. He truly understood Sin, and he has never hurt him. And yet, he is still loyal to the agency. Poor guy. They both take their time to open to each other, and they are both stubborn and in many ways similar, though it takes many of chapters for them to actually admit it. So, there was no insta love, there was only insta-hate at the beginning. But still:.



Mar 17, Julio Genao rated it it was ok Recommended to Julio by: Taylor review of an earlier edition Why hate the sinner A month ago I read a great review of Afterimage , and blogged about it , but spent most of my post whining about how much of a chickenshit motherfucker I was for not only failing to read the second volume of In the Company of Shadows, but not even reviewing the first one. The results of the poll on that page pretty much vindicated my cowardice. I read Evenfall not long after Special Forces, for one. And winter is a review of an earlier edition Why hate the sinner The other reason I never went on to read the next book?


This site is...

The completed series is available to read online for free , however, the authors have gone back and started revising the story. They say the plot remains the same, but they are tightening everything up. Then I can find some measure of closure and stop torturing myself and finally dive back into this beautiful world. The story tells of how two people who could not seem any more like opposites find common ground, themselves, and each other. Side note.


Ais and Sonny

You have the strongest sweet tooth of anyone Ive ever met. Only you would even consider dessert after a large shake like that. Sin drank some more. Sugar deprivation as a child. Youre going to make yourself diabetic.


Santino & Ais: Evenfall V01


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