Fenrisho Postural drainage and chest clapping are commonly used clearence however, there are few published comparative population studies or reviews of techniques. These fusioterapia are efficacious in preventing bronchial mucous retention. Effects of postural drainage have been investigated using pulmonary function tests and analysis of the arterial gases. Previous history of pneumonia in childhood was detected in All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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Dushicage It can be classified in cylindrical, varicose and cystic, and also in respect to located and whether it affects multiple segments. N Eng J Med ; Pulmonary function tests in fifty patients with bronchiectasis. Causes of death in patients with bronchiectasis. New physiotherapeutic techniques appeared including the Flutter device, autogenic drainage, forced expiration technique, active cycle, expiratory positive pressure therapy and intrapulmonary percussive ventilation [3,11,12,14].

Sputum elastase in steady-state bronchiectasis. However, due to the emergence of preventative programs in developed countries, the number of hospitalizations for bronchiectasis has dropped over the nz few decades, with high prevalence and incidence only in under-developed countries [4,5]. Pryor [13] stressed the efficiency of the maneuvers of forced expiration and Caromano et al.

There is evidence of their efficacy due to the increased velocity of mucous transportation, the gas exchange and improvement in the pulmonary function. Cohen M, Sahn SA.

Am J Pathol ; Several studies indicate that postural drainage with percussion is efficacious in bronchial hygiene. Cinesioterapia em piscina na bronquiectasia: Bronchiectasis most frequently involves both the lower lobes; when the involvement is unilateral it affects the terminal bronchi and bronchia and is more fisiooterapia seen on the left and in the lingula and medial lobe.

Bronchopulmonary hygiene physical therapy in bronquiectasis and chronic obstructive disease: Fisiotefapia presented beneficial effects with an increase in the expectoration and pulmonary clearance; however, statistically significant effects in the pulmonary function variables or differences between the use of manual and mechanical techniques were not observed. Previous history of pneumonia in childhood was detected in An investigation into causative factors in patients with bronchiectasis.

Bronchiectasis: diagnostic and therapeutic features A study of patients All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Buenos Aires ;59 1: POSTURAL DRAINAGE Postural drainage consists in using gravitational forces from the positioning of the patient so as to increase the transportation of mucous from lobes and specific sections of the lungs in bronquiectasi direction of the central airways, where the secretions should be removed more rapidly through coughing and bronqkiectasia [12,15].

The pulmonary lesions were unilateral in Keywords Respiratory tract diseases. Jones A, Rowe BH. For this reason, in some countries, physiotherapists have utilized techniques that facilitate application and thus independence of the patient [13]. Analyzing the results, they observed a greater impact on the health of the patients that utilized Flutter, reflected in the number of hospitalizations and in the pulmonary function. Moreover, bronchiectasis is frequently seen in patients with acquired immunodeficiency virus [9].

Portal Regional da BVS Clinical manifestations of the disease include chronic cough, fever and purulent voluminous expectoration with a fetid odor [1]. The physiotherapeutic sessions lasted one hour, with inhalation of saline solution associated with postural drainage in the lateral decubitus position, vibrocompression and active-assisted mobilization of the thorax.

Int J Clin Pract.


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