Mezirg Toledo y el cv. En condiciones similares de crecimiento, el cv. Experimentally induced cholangiopatopathy by dosing sheep with fractionated extracts from Brachiaria decumbens. Castro MB, Santos Jr.

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Daikus There was a sub-acute curse mainly characterized by anorexia, progressive deterioration, ruminal paralysis in isolated cases, icterus in absence of fever in the majority of animals.

Hepatic photosensitization in buffaloes intoxicated by Brachiaria decumbens in Minas Gerais state, Brazil. No obstante a las bondades anteriores, se notifican toxicosis asociadas al consumo de pasto Mulato: Experimental and epidemiological findings. Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical. La calidad forrajera del cv. Experimental intoxication by Myoporum laetum in sheep.

Similares hallazgos se reportan por Albernaz et al. A hepatic-renal insufficiency and hemorrhagic diathesis due to an acute hepatic insufficiency were consistent with death cause. It was concluded that the process studied was caused by the consumption of Mulato grass as the unique fibrous food, due to the toxic effect of saponins present in this Brachiaria species.

Steroidal saponin concentrations in Brachiaria decumbens and B. Este trabajo constituye el primer reporte de toxicosis por esta planta en Cuba. Leptosphaerulina chartarum Pithomyces chartarum e seu envolvimento no eczema facial.

Villar D, Ortiz JJ. Envenenamiento por plantas, micotoxinas y sustancias similares en animales de granjas en Brasil. The basic diet consisted of conventional feedstuff, Mulato grass B. Variations of saponin level x maturation in Brachiaria brizantha leaves. Toxicosis por pasto Mulato Brachiaria fktosensibilidad — Brachiaria brizantha en cabras de la provincia Artemisa. Photosensitization and crystal-associated colangiohepatopathy in sheep grazing Brachiaria decumbens. Optimizing genetic diversity for multipurpose use.

A role for Brachiaria decumbens in hepatogenous photosensitization of ruminants? Pathomorphological studies were done on two of the dead animals. Mulato permite mayor carga animal.

Tropical Grasses and Legumes: Crystal-associated cholangiopathy in sheep grazing Brachiaria decumbens containing the saponin protodioscin.

Castro MB, Santos Jr. Hepatogenous photosensitization of sheep in California associated whit ingestion of Tribulus tevrestris puncture vine. Study of experimentally induced lesions in sheep by grazing Brachiaria decumbens. En condiciones similares de crecimiento, el cv.

Toledo y el cv. As part of the case research, haematological, bacteriological, and serological studies were carried out. Sin embargo, Russomanno et al. Related Posts

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