The leadership of both Thorsson and Chisholm became controversial because of their association with the Satanist Temple of Set. In to , Rob Meek campaigned against the "Satanist infiltration" of the group. In , Thorsson and Chisholm sought for a new leader Steersman of the group, as it had become clear that they were too controversial to fill this position. The office of Steerswoman was eventually accepted by Prudence Priest in

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From the age of ten to the age of nineteen. My intelligence, combined with a capacity for aggressive self-assertion, allowed me to emerge from this ordeal more or less psychologically unscathed at the age of Deprived of any secondary education, I resorted to taking on cleaning work, until I met and married my first husband, George. Somewhat older in years, George introduced me to the basics of philosophy particularly the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and classical music, predominantly Richard Wagner.

He also was the first person who ever spoke to me about the esoteric nature of the runes. Sadly, after two years of marriage, George died of cancer; but he left me with a pension that, for the first time, gave me a measure of financial independence.

Determined now to make good my lack of learning, I taught myself English and German by means of books and tapes. At the same time, I took an interest in the development of my long-suppressed psychic gifts. I received my first paranormal training in a spiritualist environ-ment, and from there progressed to the study of Rosicrucianism, Astrology, Cabbala and Thelema. At the age of 30, I felt unable to progress further in Holland and left for England, where I was soon recognized by prominent magicians and witches as a natural.

With their help and training, I was initiated into the mysteries and made rapid progress as a ritual magician and High Priestess. I was initiated into Wicca by Jim Bennet under the supervision of Alex Sanders in , I then in April that year got involved with a Gardnerian coven and from there formed my own coven with the High Priest Lionel Hornby. This coven was active for a number of years. The next major turning point for me was a life-changing spiritual and magical experience: an intense, spontaneous invocation of the God Woden.

I took this to be a calling to open up the Northern pathway, which until then, was virtually non-existent within the occult community. I soon overcame these perceptions and won the respect and affection of the majority of the Pagan and occult community.

Over the last 14 years I have been extensively involved with lecturing and giving talks all over the world. I have may loving friends in the US. On a social level, realizing that I was not suited to living in a normal nuclear family, I became actively involved in with a community of which I was a founding member and ran for a number of years as Managing Director, together with my partner Lionel Hornby and a good friend, a well known pagan-friendly Jewish feminist-activist and a supporter of gay and bisexual rights.

In I decided to choose a celibate path, for my own spiritual reasons. Gladsheim is open to contributing visitors by prior arrangement, however no bums, freeloaders or druggies, I have had enough of them. In I moved to Southern Spain. The UK branch soon attracted members in other European countries and, re-named the Ring of Troth Europe, rapidly became a successful and progressive Northern Tradition group.

Having led this organization as Steerswoman for a number of years, I recently stepped down from this role and other positions of power. I am in the process of setting up a facility for rune readings on the net, www. Apart from working on my site, I also have taken up painting.


Freya Aswynn

Runes Old Nordic letters Runes are letters in old Germanic languages and were widely used, in different forms, in countries like Germany, England and - of course - Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Runes have altered shape and sound over time and place, and the original name of the rune alphabet was Futharc. Runes were commonly used in Northern Europe until Christianization which took place between AD. Runes lasted the longest in Scandinavia which was Chistianed last. In some areas of Sweden and Norway runes are sometimes still used - in folkloric and decorative contexts. Academic study of runes The first attemts to study runes were made during the Renaissance, by a man named Johannes Bureus.


Freya Aswynn removal


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