Early times[ edit ] In the game, Mages have always existed, though there are legends of the Pure Ones who were shards of the original, divine One. Early mages cultivated their magical beliefs alone or in small groups, generally conforming to and influencing the belief systems of their societies. Obscure myths suggest that the precursors of the modern organizations of mages originally gathered in ancient Egypt. This period of historical uncertainty also saw the rise of the Nephandi in the Near East. Eventually, though, mages belonging to the Order of Hermes and the Messianic Voices attained great influence over European society.

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Magick re. Dreamspeakers Euthanatos Hollow Ones. Order of Hermes. Sons of Ether. Magick Beliefs and Paradigms. Nodes Tass. Creating Magickal Effects Quintessence and Mana. Quintessence and Tass. Conjunctional Magick. Key Elements of Coincidental Magick. Determining Effects Using Talismans. Magic in the Spirit World Creating Talismans Sample Talismans Harold Mautzenberg Dept. Ihave found a haven, and the things that 1am learning! But I get ahead of myself.

Reluctantly, parted ways with them. Several times during our many discussions, Moonfoot mentioned the Magi — magickally gifted humans, of whom he said some were good, some evil, but all very powerful. And my instincts told me, this time, that I was to seek out a mage.

Events almost seemed to conspire to aid me in my search. I became his student, Again, I risk much by writing you, but I must share my excitement with someone other than my men- tor, and you have always kept my confidences. Oh, the things Tam learning! Harold, you would not believe the truth behind the myths and fairy tales we all learn as children — and the lies behind the truths we have been taught since childhood.

The true workings of reality are a wonder and a fright and a glory to comprehend! And wonder of wonders, Lam learning how to use these workings. Magick, real magick, isthe purest of philosophies, the truest of sciences, the ultimate revelation and power. Someone you know is probably a mage, unbeknownst to you. Look for us, Harold. Anywhere coincidences are rife, where odd things happen — a mage is probably there.

And now, to my growing wonder and joy, Ino longer feel at the mercy of my enemies. They document some of my explorations and discoveries in this new life of mine. Who knows, perhaps they will ead you to your own Awakening, and then maybe we will see each other again in some Chantry or meeting.

Until then Taylor Dee 12 October , [nto the Magister Magici Petronius of Genoa, of the Order of Krermes, grectings ftom Aadeptus Luis Aragones: Kyerewith the written copy of my teport Co vou on the continued progress of our great experiment, 8 of the first of this month, Chantry houses have been established in all the ALiavats of Gurope.

Buda-Pesht was the last to be invested, and T proudly officiated at the ceremony. Tt appears that in perhaps two centurics or less, true mages will be able to operate m the open without fear of cither the Paradox that inflicts our greater efforts, or of the Sleepers themselocs. AL the current time, the benefits of the public Order are already immediately ioticeable. Goen better, reports of creatures of magick have doubled in just under fifteen nears.

Our paradigms will become prteminen, forcing out those of the other Traditions, and we will come into our destined power. T trust you are pleased with this report. T remain your obedient servant, 4. And the only limit to what He can do is what he Believes Cannot be Done. Many know these Tricks for what they are; almost all dismiss Magick as something Impossible. Sadly, they are right, Because they decide that Magick does not exist, it cannot exist for Them.

They cannot find Magick, nof can they use it Because they have not Awakened unto the Truth, they are called Sleepers.


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