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A small black camcorder: the onboard microphone perched atop the lens and a good-sized LCD screen hugging the left side. The battery is small and light, yet provides power longer than expected.

The dials and switches provide extensive control over two XLR inputs; from channels and gain control, to phantom power. The lens hood secures to the front of the camera, and while it blocks the onboard mic, the shotgun mic reaches neatly over it.

The included shotgun mic and windscreen are barely seven inches long yet provide good quality audio. Open the LCD panel or extend the viewfinder and it wakes, the lens protector snaps open, ready to shoot stellar video. The exterior is simple and sleek and the input ports hide behind small sliding doors. As the majority of features are accessible via the touch-screen, only a few buttons are present on the housing. The remaining settings run on automatic control.

Indoor and outdoor shooting returns quality video and stills. The indoor shots are grainier when at 24db gain, but the quality is still very reasonable. The NX30U comes with a hefty 96 gigabytes of internal memory, which is good even at its preferred HD format. It has nine recording formats with various frame rates and qualities and two options. For compatibility, it can record in old-fashioned standard definition, but only if you ask nicely.

Instead of a tape deck, it sports an SD card slot on the side for extra recording space. That said, 96 GBs is enough to record nearly 7. Bring on the Goodies This camera has several secondary features to make shooting easier, or at least more fun!

The NX30U has an onboard light to help in dim shooting situations. The NightShot button activates night vision, complete with infrared light. You can film subjects up to about 10 feet away in total darkness with that greenish look any covert ops film should never be without.

If the onboard light is turned on simultaneously, it provides impressive night shooting that is nothing short of amazing. The NX30U also offers excellent shooting aides. The guide frame option superimposes a tic-tac-toe grid on the LCD screen to help compose shots using the rule of thirds.

Zebra stripes can highlight overexposure at either 70 or percent. Another great feature is the optical image stabilization. The lens actually moves inside the front of the camera to counter accidental bumps and jolts, making handheld or walking shots smoother.

Yet another snazzy feature is the internal GPS. When activated, it finds its current location and includes it with recorded video files. While it does tend to get lost and confused indoors, outside the NX30U seems to have little trouble getting its bearings.

The coolest feature by far, however, is the tiny projector on the back of the LCD screen. It literally projects recorded video and pictures onto any surface; from a white napkin to a lightly colored wall.

At the end of a few good shoots fingerprint smudges and smears cover the LCD screen, which can obscure the image. It provides portability and plentiful recording space alongside an upscale microphone setup.

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Sony HXR-NX30E



Sony: NXCAM-Camcorder HXR-NX30E



Sony HXR-NX30E



NXCAM Camcorder mieten: Sony - HXR-NX30E


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