Zulutilar Schlage Neuter bow head shape Stamped do not duplicate Nickel silver. Where to buy cheap ilco key blank cross reference? Bag of 10 key blanks. Nickel plated brass material, key works with some Treadway furniture locks.

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We have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of its contents. We believe we have produced a valuable tool if used as intended - as a guide. In the case of Key blank selection, we recommend you continue to check a selected Key Blank against the original Key for blade length, width, shape and milling before duplicating. Kaba Ilco Corp. It contains extensive technical data and actual size drawings of key blanks and milling profiles. The directory is divided into color-coded sections; each section is organized in alphabetical order by lock manufacturer or application.

The first is ILCO key blank numbers. They are listed in numeric-alphabetical order with the section and page s they are shown on. The second is a brand index of lock manufacturers and applications. Key blanks that fit these brands can be found on the page s indicated. This is a worldwide listing. Lock manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order. Some key blanks may be listed in other sections. If you cannot find a lock manufacturer in a particular section, be sure to refer to the brand index.

Lock manufacturers are organized in alphabetical order. This section includes Chrysler, Ford, and GM originals. They would meet the industry standards of an original, except they do not carry the original or ILCO logo. They are also normally less expensive than original equipment key blanks. Safe deposit manufacturers are shown in alphabetical order. They are organized by lock manufacturer where possible and listed in numerical order.

Technical data, including material i. The first two cross reference Dominion Lock and Taylor numbers to the Ilco number. The third cross reference lists major lock and replacement key manufacturers in alphabetical order with their key numbers in the appropriate sequence.

This listing is set up as a functional cross reference. Certain replacement key manufacturers have been omitted due to laws in their respective countries concerning the publishing of a cross reference. Most single side keys are illustrated from the finger side. To determine the finger side, hold the key in the right hand between the thumb and index finger.

Be sure the bitted area is facing up. The finger side is held by your index finger. Where two milling profiles with different head shapes or configurations exist, both versions are shown. EZ No. Looking straight down, check both sides of the milling profile to be certain of a match. We make every effort to keep the market informed of new key blanks, and any updates to this document will be in the format explained above.

This directory includes some key blanks that are made by Silca, a sister division of Kaba Ilco Corp.. These Silca key blanks have no ILCO equivalent, and have been added to our product line to meet the anticipated needs of our many markets. Esta lista es mundial. El listado se presenta en forma de referencia cruzada funcional. La mayor parte de las llaves que tienen un solo lado se muestran desde el lado derecho. Verifique los dos lados del perfil de fresado para asegurarse del ajuste.

No duden en enviarnos cualquier comentario o sugerencia que nos permita mejorarlo. The manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order with keys listed in numerical sequence where possible. There are several symbols and suffixes used in this section.

Below is a legend of their use.


Uncut Key Blank | B86, P1106 | GM Key



ILCO EZĀ®-Search - Key Blank Cross Reference


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