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Employers who have not complied with past commitments to foreign workers may be banned from hiring any foreign workers for a specific length of time. The length of the ban is noted on the public list of employers who have been found non-compliant. You must not work for an ineligible employer. Check the current List of employers who have been found non-compliant.

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With the same powerful pheromone attractant, these traps now have a more powerful kairomone lure to broaden the attractiveness. The new removable bases also make counting and identifying the trapped insects much easier and faster.

Single species and multi-species traps are available. Place along the floor-wall junctions and other areas where regular traffic is not likely to disturb them. Learn more about Trece Quick-Change pheromone monitoring products. Designed to be attractive to cigarette beetles, confused and red flour beetles, warehouse beetles, and 25 other common stored product insects.

Same great sticky trap with the powerful pheromone already in it. Hang at eye level for best results. A great multi-species trap for flying insects. They can be placed on the floor or on a wall. Like the Storgard II, these now come pre-loaded with pheromones so just open and place!

Except for sawtoothed grain beetle and merchant grain beetle it only has the food attractant. Good for most species of wasps and yellow jackets. It is easy to carry, simple to deploy and can fence off crawling insects or mice quickly and easily. Border Control can be cut to fit almost any situation and is brightly colored for visibility. The trap contains plodia, ephestia, lasioderma, trogoderma pheromones plus food attractant the kairomone. The pheromones are in a gel matrix called pherogel.

If accidentally kicked over no liquid will spill out. The insert already has the food lure and pheromones in it. All you have to do is replace the whole insert and you are ready to go. The principle of mating disruption is to saturate a space with sufficient female sex attractant pheromone to cause male sensory overload, false trail following, and inability to follow genuine pheromone trails to females.

The new result is enough confusion to delay or prevent successful mating. This in turn reduces viable egg production and leads to dramatic population reduction. Mating disruption is nontoxic, economical, long-lasting, biorational and completely compatible with other pest management techniques. Mating disruption has been proven effective as a management technique in bakeries, commodity storages, retail stores and feed mills.

The technology also has been used in agriculture for a number of years, particularly for managing certain fruit and nut pests. The pheromone is slowly released for mating disruption out to days.

It provides a 3-way effect on mating that will dramatically reduce larvae and damage to stored goods. The spectrum of activity includes the tobacco moth, cocoa moth, almond moth, raisin moth and Mediterranean flour moth. It claims up to 90 days of mating disruption but achieves this longevity with a large dose of pheromone.

Top and bottom entry holes allow ample access into the trap while also creating a chimney effect. Scents are dispersed 30 feet or more. There are three traps in one.

Two see-through openings permit inspection without interfering with the placement. Space for recording date and location is provided. Traps and kills without insecticide.


Application for a Temporary Work Permit – Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Application for a Temporary Work Permit — Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program You need to give your biometrics In most cases, you now need to give your fingerprints and photo biometrics after you apply. Find out who needs to give biometrics and how the new application process works. Biometrics and the application process We refer to your fingerprints and photo as biometrics. We collect biometrics for most applications. Find out what happens from when you submit your application to when you get to Canada and where biometrics fits in the process.


Guide 5487 - Applying for a Work Permit outside Canada



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