Fauran I plan on running my XBox and dvd player through the Integra for sound and video. The receiver has a test signal that cycles through all the channels. Skip to main content. What Your Kids Need for Christmas. Sennheiser HD Headphones Review.

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Integra DTR With this donnybrook comes a blurring of the formerly distinct line between the bottom end of the separates market and the high end of the receiver market. It used to be simple: If you had X amount of money or less to spend, you bought a receiver; if you had more in your budget, you bought separates. Simplicity and user-friendliness have always sold in home theater.

Now more than ever, most people want something easy easy to buy, easy to use, easy to upgrade, etc. Receiver buyers also love long lists of features, and most of these high-enders are stacked accordingly. Receivers are selling well at all price levels these days. The only trick is differentiating yourself at the suddenly crowded bar of one-box home theater control centers.

To accomplish this feat, Onkyo has taken what I would guess to be a cue from the automotive world. And thus, in the spirit of Lincoln, Cadillac, or Acura, the Integra name was born—and, with it, a new line of high-end receivers looking to stake their claim in these receiver-friendly times. The flagship of that line is the DTR Power specs are listed at watts by seven channels into 8 ohms watts per channel times five into 6 ohms.

The DTR At demo time, I hooked up the DTR The Burmester sampler disc I opened with is an excellent piece of audio engineering, and it lost none of its luster through this receiver.

Track 8 is particularly intricate and unpredictable at virtually all points of the frequency range, and never did I detect any hints of flinching or any instances of compression or murkiness. Multichannel music proved to be no less satisfying.

The soundstage was deep and defined, and I again detected little in the way of fatigue or sloppiness through the dense imagery of these tracks. The high-quality, high-rez DACs got an extra chance to shine here—and they did, unmistakably.


Integra DTR-9.1 A/V Receivers

Gugul Untegra Remote The supplied remote is of the universal variety. The Tree Of Life. AVS Forum articles Contests. Select a valid country. I want to get a great receiver that is upgradeable. Contact the seller 9.


Integra DTR-9.1 Instruction Manual

Thomas J. Life was simple then. You plugged in your CD player here, your turntable over there, hooked up the preamp to the power amp unless you were a hair-shirt audiophile with an all-in-one, integrated amp , and you were done. Then you would select the source, adjust the volume, sit back, and listen. Now that so many features are implemented in software, it adds little to the basic build cost to pile on the flexibility in a limited number of models.


Onkyo Integra DTR-9.1 A/V Receivers

Seller does not offer returns. Sennheiser HD Headphones Review. Right away I was struck integea the smooth, silky mid-range. Despite all of the tricks this receiver can perform, I started as I usually do: The other is that 9.

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