Introductory Econometrics by Humberto Barreto This highly accessible and innovative text uses Excel R workbooks powered by Visual Basic macros to teach the core concepts of econometrics without advanced mathematics. It enables students to run monte Carlo simulations in which they repeatedly sample from artificial data sets in order to understand the data generating process and sampling distribution. Coverage includes omitted variables, binary response models, basic time series, and simultaneous equations. The authors teach students how to construct their own real-world data sets drawn from the internet, which they can analyze with Excel R or with other econometric software. Fully integrated with Microsoft Excel, this textbook forces students to take a hands-on approach to the subject. There is no better way to learn econometrics than by doing econometrics!

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Our fundamental strategy is to use clear language and take advantage of recent developments in computers to create concrete, visual explanations of difficult, abstract ideas. This web site makes available the introductory sections and Excel workbooks from each chapter so you can see what we cover and how we present the material.

Of course, we ask that you properly credit and cite our work if you use these materials. This web site also serves as a resource for instructors. If you teach econometrics, you may login to access lecture notes, additional labs, and answers to exercise questions in the book. The first printing of our book comes with a CD ROM with a full set of answers to all Excel workbook, self-study questions but not the answers to the exercises in the book itself.

The CD also has materials on downloading data from a handful of web sites, including detailed instructions on using the Current Population Survey, and several "how to" documents that offer practical, step-by-step instructions on a particular task.

All these files are as of June available in a To get that file, click on this link. We hope you find our work useful and helpful. Please contact us if you have questions or comments. Eversion Users To get the updated version of the files or for those who purchased an eversion of the book, click here. He manages an email list for the History of Economics Society.


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Applied Mathematics Table of contents 1. Introduction; Part I. Description: 2. Correlation; 3.


Introductory Econometrics

No one text had the best explanation for each topic. The problem remained that for many topics I never did find a book which translated the formal mathematical presentation into a practical worked out example, so that I could understand the procedure and how to implement it. Every topic includes guided Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and add-ins which illustrate the topic being addressed. The economics and the econometrics are presented with such clarity and unity; bridging the two in a way that none of the other texts do. These are "live" spreadsheets that invite you to experiment. For example; there is an Excel workbook which illustrates the correlation coefficient. Rather than a dry recitation of formula and proof, you can interact with the spreadsheet and see exactly how the same coefficient can apply to data having very different patterns.

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