Mullapudi Venkata Ramana is a Telugu story writer, known for his hilarious style of writing. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It was a happy family with no troubles until his father expired when Ramana was 9 years old. No trivia or quizzes yet.

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A Telugu book is now available in audio too. Mainly aimed to target Telugus who are Telugu illiterates, this venture of bringing Kothi Kommachchi in audio is bound to enthrall millions of Telugus all over the world. And on behalf of all Mullapudi fans and Telugu Literature lovers spread across the globe, pustakam.

The following is the interview done over the email. So, beginning at the beginning, what prompted the idea of audio book? The entire story behind it please.. Not much of a story.. My husband I had got a lot of calls inquiring about the book here in the USA. And some of them were saying how they make time even in their crazy schedules to read the book, and find so much relief in their everyday routines. So we figured, why not make an audio version of the book… so even folks who cannot read, but understand Telugu can enjoy his work.

Whose idea it was? He came up with the idea, we bounced it off my brother, Vara Mullapudi, who loved the idea and then it went to my mother, who is usually our bouncing board for ideas. What was the main motive behind the audio book? Who are the intended readers, rather listeners? How did Ramana gaaru respond to the idea of audio book?

It took us close to a year to convince Mullapudi garu to let us go ahead with the audio version. Bapu garu was more amenable to the idea since he is a little more tech-savvy than Mullapudi. It took many phone calls from me and my brother, many trips for my husband and much persuasion from my mother before he agreed. How difficult was the path from idea to implementation? Well, once we fixed on the idea, we all sat down to make a list of people whom we could approach as narrators.

That done, we made a few pilots and then got down to the final recording. The entire recording process was handled by Vara Mullapudi for the pilot versions. When Mullapudi garu asked Sri SPB garu if he would read the first chapter, he immediately agreed and in fact read chapters — and in a single sitting!!

It was recorded in his studio in Chennai. The rest of the chapters are getting ready as I write. Do you have any prior experience in book publishing in any format? None at all. How has been the initial response so far for the sample audio files?

What parts of Kothi Komachchi and Inkothi Komachchi are now available in audio? Chapters How did SPB become the choice for reading the book? The teasers in your site sound heaven. We are very thankful to SPB garu who not only did the reading, but also composed and sang the title song! Truly amazing work and we are very thankful for his time. Are these audio versions available in India?

Not yet.. What would be the price range of the book, in US and in India? Kothi Kommachi site will be the only way to get this book? As of now, yes. With e-reader gadgets like kindle, ipods etc on spree, any plans to get the e-version of Kothi Komachchi series too? Definitely yes. Kothi Kommachi is top of mind, so we began with this book.

But we do have plans to get Budugu and other favorites as e-versions too… Are you planning for any other of Mullapudi gari books in audio too? Eventually yes. God willing. And yes, Bapu-Ramana willing too! Listen to the teasers on the same page. Send in your comments straight to the awesome trio — Bapu-Ramana-Balu- here. You can also leave your feedback as comments over here.



He has also written screenplay, story and dialogues for many movies under the Bapu-Ramana combination, includi Kothi Kommachi is the first of two autobiographic volumes of Dr. Kothi kommachi audio free download — Google Docs Mounika A rated it liked it Apr 14, Having penned both heart-touching and rib-tickling dialogues, the Bapu-Ramana association has completed 60 years, and is still going strong. It was a happy family with no troubles until his father expired when Ramana was 9 years old. Sep 16, Sanjeev rated it liked it.





కోతి కొమ్మచ్చి [Koti Kommachi]


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