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He worked with Ash Hess , John Brady , and Paul Meacham on developing the new zero target that will be discussed today…. Hello, shooters. The first and biggest change is the pattern of the target itself. We did away with the silhouette previously used for decades. The silhouette was inserted years ago as a training tool to overcome the human predisposition against shooting other humans.

When zeroing the key is proper marksmanship through use of the Shot Process and Functional Elements, producing tight shot groups. Therefore, we should use the target that gives the best possible way to find the center of visible mass CoVM in order to use proper aiming then aligning the point of aim and point of impact. A bullseye-style target was selected, but a circle is difficult for the human eye to find the exact center of; it is easy to find the center of a diamond, so one was overlaid on the circular bull.

Shooters should easily be able to print 4 MOA groups on demand. The goal is zeroing within the 4 MOA circle, the tighter the group, the better for a precise zero. It was set up to work with the iron sights, and the grid was harder to use for optics that have a. The grid is now a 1 MOA grid making it much easier in zeroing the optic that has become the primary sighting systems. The odd adjustments of the irons require more math and understanding of the different sight radius of the M4 and M There is a table at the bottom of the target showing adjustment values for each sighting system.

Noticeably missing are the numbers formerly placed on the margins of the adjustment grid. The reason is knowing your equipment. You should know whether you have a. You should also know your adjustment on the M4 irons are. The old target was made for the least common denominator, not knowledge of the weapon and its use. The trajectory of the round crosses the sight plane at 36 meters as it would at This is the reason the Marine Corps uses 36 in zeroing.

The Army uses 25 as we know. To achieve a meter zero at 25 one of two things must happen, either a ballistic offset or a mechanical offset must be used. Some of us remember the carrying handle iron sights being used on the M16 and M4. We remember that zeroing at 25 meters required adjusting the elevation wheel on the rear sight one click and then moving it one click back after zeroing; this is the mechanical offset.

For a meter zero achieved at 25 meters, the offset is. This adjustment must be made for a meter zero obtained on a meter range and should be confirmed and refined at true distance meters. Any error in using the offset is amplified when using a bullet drop compensator BDC as in the reticle pattern of the RCO. Not using the previously described offset makes the entire BDC calibration invalid. My preferred method of zeroing the RCO is placing the tip of the chevron the meter aiming point on the point of aim CoVM and using a point of impact 1.

Again, this should be confirmed and refined at true distance meters in this case. Any aiming or other error in the shot process degrades the ability to achieve a precise zero. This has a detrimental impact on accuracy of your shots and lethality as a Paratrooper.

Do some dry fire drills. Get out there and work your zero. The targets are printed on all weather Rite in the Rain paper and ready to go. This means that the target is available for units to purchase and use. Range Operations at Fort Bragg has been notified with the recommendation that this be the new target purchased for use on Fort Bragg Ranges.


25m M16/M4 Zero Target





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