Parasol Mushroom Macrolepiota procera Parasol Mushroom Macrolepiota procera I have wrestled quite a bit over whether to add this one. They have exceptionally fine flavor though. One of the absolute best. Although it is not that hard to identify you must be exceptionally observant of all characteristics. You cannot afford a mistake. There are some Lepiota relatives that are very poisonous or even deadly.

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It grows solitary, scattered or clustered on soil in open grassy places and in mixed woods. Cap pallid brown decorated with darker brown broad scales, starts off egg shaped and then bell shaped until the cap margin detaches from the stripe.

The base colour becomes lighter with age. Dark scales appear on top when the brown surface cracks up from the smooth, central bump. Gills are white, free, and crowded. Flesh creamy white and soft. Stem is distinctive grey-brown with banded markings on a whitish background, long and thin with an onion shaped base. Above the dubble-edged ring that often falls off, it is evenly brown and below this, it is irregularly striped in a zigzag pattern.

Ring is white above and brown below. Similar species The poisonous Chlorophyllum molybdites has a stouter stalk and a green spore print. Macrolepiota procera on the First Nature Web site. Macrolepiota procera on the MushroomExpert. Com Web site. Use many resources, and be skeptical of your own conclusions. The site takes no responsibility for damage caused by wrong identifications. If you continue, you agree to view this website under these terms.


Macrolepiota procera

El sombrero de M. Posee un ensanchamiento en forma de bulbo en su base. Desde el anillo hasta el sombrero es liso, de color beige. Esporas Las esporas del hongo M. Los basidios presentan 4 esporas. Tejido constitutivo o carne La carne del sombrero de M.


Coulemelle, Lépiote élevée, Baguette-de-tambour, Nez de chat

Lepiota procera Fr. De gran tamaсo, puede llegar a 30 cm. Posee una cutнcula fibrosa, de fondo blanco sucio y con escamas dispuestas radialmente, mбs numerosas y apretadas en el centro y de color marrуn grisбceo. Tiene un mamelуn del mismo color o un poco mбs oscuro que las escamas.

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