He set men of learning on the proper track. He worshipped the feet of the prolific poet Maran who rendered mouthfuls of praise for the lord who bears the lotus dame Lakshmi on his chest, May we always live close to his lotus feet. My heart does not think of anything other than the extreme benevolence of Ramanuja. He gave up the company of men who do not contemplate the lotus feet of the nectar-groves-surrounded-Arangam lord, and only sought the feet of the kuraiyalur king. Tirumangai Alvar.

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He set men of learning on the proper track. He worshipped the feet of the prolific poet Maran who rendered mouthfuls of praise for the lord who bears the lotus dame Lakshmi on his chest, May we always live close to his lotus feet. My heart does not think of anything other than the extreme benevolence of Ramanuja. He gave up the company of men who do not contemplate the lotus feet of the nectar-groves-surrounded-Arangam lord, and only sought the feet of the kuraiyalur king. Tirumangai Alvar.

For this grace, I bow to you. He destroyed by the root the darkness my age-old Karmas, and gave me his feet to wear on my head, I have nothing to fear. Surely those who love his good qualities will not find fault with my poetry, by which I am only recalling his name. I have escaped from non-paths, now I have no regrets.

Alvar blended together the substance of the Veda and the sweetness of Tamil Poetry to light a lamp and dispel the darkness of affliction, Ramanuja placed that lamp in his heart. He is our lord and our master. The good ones who preserve the Vedas will always sing his praise. Those who pour their lover over Ramanuja are fortune-favoured devotees of excellent merit. Those who take refuge in Ramanuja display such excellence as I cannot describe in this wide world.

Those who worship the devotees of Ramanajua and always praise his golden feet are my beloved master. The truthful Ramanjua worshipped the Alvar alone. Giving up the severe paths of penance, -standing in the sizzling forest, mountain and ocean for the sake of redemption, -I have found my refuge in Ramanuja.

He shall never let me down. Ramanuja always bears him in his heart. I shall not find company in lowly men who do not see the greatness of Ramanuja. Now I shall not want. Our master Ramanuja was very fond this Alvar. Those who seek refuge in him are neither vexed by misfortune, nor pleased by good fortune. He alone is our refuge.

Ramanuja who fought this to the world is our ambrosia. Ramanuja who filled his heart with love for Nathamuni, is our great wealth. Having secured his protection, no more shall I stand and suffer at the door of meanmortals singing their praises as "O, wealth-pouring rain-cloud". I, this self, sinful without a peer in this whole world, with my deceitful hard heart, have dared to sing his praise.

Even if I sing all morning, evening and night, will never exhaust his infinite virtues? Now I have seen Ramanuja, pleasing like the dark cloud, and am saved, for the weeds out the lowly paths of false penance. Who in this wide world can understand the nature of your grace? I was the very hotbed of sin. With a grace never disminishing in radiance but ever increasing in power, your dark-cloud like benevolence has entered and captivated my heart. The silver lining on your greatness is not a blemish, yet I fear it in my heart!

Other than his name, my heart sings and prates of none else. O, what a blessing in my life has happened to me! O when will my eyes rejoice and see bands of devotees who realise the truth in this!

For so many days, months, yeas and ages without end. For those who attain him, the radiance of knowledge, proper understanding, tolerance, ability, fame, wealth, -all these will come of their own accord.

To protect the good, they have come into this world in the form of a Muni called Ramanuja. How can karma ever approach me? That is how our Ramanuja came to be! Today you have made me your servant, such is your grace, But why did you let me go my way and waste my life all these years? Alas I cannot understand the subtie sense in this, Pray tell me.

You have exhausted yourself running after illusory wealth, children, property, and wife as sources real happiness. Ramanuja changed our life of darkness and despair and gave us the mind to understand his greatness.

Is there anyone else to match his abiding grace? Of these, desire must be cultivated solely for attaining Krishna, while the other three must subserve this purpose. I shall tell you a great way to get rid of the soul-devastating kali, say, "Ramanuja" Even as you do, brightness will dawn on your mind, you mouth will swell with nectar, and all the travails of birth and death will flee. He is a master of the four Vedas, and well-vesed in the three aspects of sweet Tamil —poetry, music and drama.

For those who do not learn his name with faith, what great purpose awaits them in this world? There is no greater purpose than attaining your feet, and there is no way to attain it save the grace of your feet alone. Those who understood this have received your grace in such great measure as you have given to me today. How much, is beyond my words! He entered my lowly heart and clarified my thoughts as well.

My incomparable lowliness has not refuge but your grace. Your grace too can flow nowhere except into me. When the two thus find their mutual fruition, is if not futile to separate them? They boldly frudge int he hearts, of enemies, striking terror. They are receptacles for my inferior poetry, full of flows. Now he has taken birth again as Ramanuja, the sweet ambrosia of devotees, for my upliftment alone, I can see no other reason. Ramanuja drove out the six heretic thoughts, and spread his fame for and wide.

He entered my lowly heart and ended my twin, Karmas, then linked me to the lotus feet of Ranganathan. These are a few of his wondrous deeds.

The Vedic truth of Narayana rejoiced. Those who worship him as their benevolent raincloud are our hereditary masters! Having attained him, my heart does not think of anyone else. My lips do not speak of anyone else. Having received the good fortune of his grace, my heart does not long for anything else. They further supreme that the soul become one with supreme after the body is shed, Out Ramanuja won over all these absurdities with his gift of logic and deep thought.

But even after that, the sage worshipped by Yogis shone with the effulgence of lasting fame. This world has seen a miracle. Those who swear by the heretic six schools of blinding thought run helter-skelter as you follow them on Earth! Bless that I may follow you radiant lotus feel like an elephant but follows a cow.

Watch out! Your lives are ended. Ramanuja, who remvoed the inadequacies of my heart, gives that same position to those who approach him, through compassion for the refuge-seekers. Ramanuja taught us that these limb are not for personal use but for service to the lord. But for him, who would have provided refuge to these suffering souls?

Ar enakkinRu nigar sollil? Our master Ramanuja expounded its meaning to the world, with a lucid commentary. My heart and soul forever bathe in the goodness of his devotees.

Come to say, who is my peer? Seering this the lord of Arangam repaired the souls and restored their faculties. But even he did not give me his refuge in such measure as Ramanuja has done. Today he has uplifted me. Seeing me and my nature, and seeing your infinite virtues, you grace upon me is the only good. Beyond that, if you still see any merit in me, what will your devotees say of your boundless grace?

My thoughts are always on your lotus feet. My love has poured over those lotuses. My service has become absorbed in your goodness. My past karmas are destroyed by your deeds. Come to think, other than contemplating his feet, I have no desire.

The Lord of Arangam surrounded by watered fields that throw up pearls and conches, wields a conch and discus in his beautiful hands and remains in our eyes forever saying, "I shall never leaves you", Yet your glory enguifs me completely and tosses me like one possessed.

Put together the joy that you derive from the famous stream-flowing Venkatam hills, the world of Vaikunta, and the fabled Ocean of Milk; I derive that same joy from contemplating your lotus feet. Pray grant me this.

With the authority of Vedic texts he has cleared the path of heretic thoughts. His fame has spread all over the world. He has weeded out my karmas by the root.


Ramanuja NootrandhAdhi Tamil

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The life of Acharya Ramanuja - SriMatham. Shri Ramanuja. Ramanuja Tamil. This made Yadavaprakasha very jealous of Ramanuja and subsequently he made a plan to take away the life of Ramanuja.. Few details of Ramanuja Kavirayars early life are known. Companion Studies to the History of Tamil.. Ramanuja - Download as PDF.


His followers in the Vaishnava tradition wrote hagiographies, some of which were composed in centuries after his death, and which the tradition believes to be true. Ramanuja renounced his married life, and became a Hindu monk. Other late biographies include the Yatirajavaibhavam by Andhrapurna. Yamunacharya , the Vaishnavite acharya and the religious head of the Ranganathasamy temple at Srirangam had been closely following Ramanuja from a very young age. When it was time to pass on the legacy, the acharya decided that he would call upon Ramanuja.

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