View all stories in series Previously, on Savita Bhabhi On Her Honeymoon — Savita was on her honeymoon but alone as her husband got stuck in an important work. He would be joining her on the second day of the honeymoon in Thailand. On the flight, a young man with his newly wedded wife caught her attention. They had a quick sex in the washroom and went to the same resort in Pattaya when they landed.

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She is still a virgin but is very interested in seeing what Savita Bhabhi can teach her. Savita bhabhi is someone she looks up to, and she will do anything for her. You could say cheap mobile data and 4G have been the reason, but so are Indian women. That is way higher than any other country in the world. Furthermore, that year, among the most popular search terms for Indians were Indian bhabhi devar and Indian wife.

So, I guess it is safe to say porn is a rising force in India. More and more people are watching it. More and more people are making it. Moreover, thankfully, recently, more and more people are talking about it. Furthermore, every Indian who has ever watched, heard of, or read about porn, has come across a Gujarati housewife by the name of Savita bhabhi. She is a pornographic character who is portrayed as a housewife, justifiably fed up with being ignored by her husband, Ashok.

Episodes of the adult cartoon quickly gained a massive fan following almost 15 million viewers a month! The coyly scripted sexual scenes, where she romps with everyone, were even translated into French and Mandarin. Despite the number of porn sites available online, this housewife always seems to reign supreme.

So, why is that? What makes Savita bhabhi Comics so big? To understand this a little better, we spoke to author Richa Kaul Padte, whose book Cyber Sexy included interviews with many women and their views on porn in India. Savita bhabhi is set within desi Indian culture, and the comic strip itself has such a typically desi feel, and for many people, it is very sensual to see an Indian woman unapologetically running after pleasure. And that she is actually doing all this within Indian society, a community that continuously shames ladies for the pursuit of pleasure, that is really incredible.

Savita bhabhi stands out because she fits the stereotypical understand of the Indian bhabhi but also breaks those stereotypes by indulging in her lust. She is famous because she is accessible to everyone.

Although Savita is portrayed as an upper caste, upper-class woman, Savita has pursued intimate relationships with many people, irrespective of their class, caste, or gender right from household help, to teen boys, to government officials and other bhabhi just like herself. The creator explained that he tries to keep all their plots fairly realistic and connected to everyday situations, which could lead to sexual adventure.

Although the first comics by the original creators were clean and did not seem problematic, we cannot promise the same regarding the multiple spin-offs and newer strips. In her first-ever comic strip, Savita has an encounter with a bra salesman. He happens to see her changing out of her clothes, and bored by the monotony of everyday domesticity, and she decides to "put on a show. Due to the immense popularity of the comic strips, Savita bhabhi even featured in an animated movie, which released in May The original website was taken down by the Indian government under its anti-pornography laws in June Puneet Agrawal, who happens to be the creator of the comics, disclosed his identity in an attempt to fight against the ban.

Nevertheless, a month later, due to pressure from his family, Puneet Agrawal announced his decision to take down the comic strip. So they started The Save Savita Project, offering scores of web tools and links to proxy servers that can easily give each and every Indian user access to the site by hoodwinking the servers of various Internet Service Providers ISPs. The creator credits her popularity to the dormant sexualities the orthodox Indian society forces its people to manifest.

It could be considered a sexual outlet for adults who want to embrace their sexuality but still do not want to indulge in regular porn, similar to those who read erotic fiction. Savita bhabhi comics explain that pleasure is wanted not just by men, but women, and people across the gender spectrum. The desire for pleasure and sex is not just pertinent to one sex or gender.

Women love Savita bhabhi. Over 20 women I spoke to for my book, Cyber Sexy, said they love Savita bhabhi comics. Because ultimately, in the middle of all the good girls and perfect mothers that society feeds us, here we have someone very unconventional. A woman who does not believe in the concept that Indian women should be good, demure housewives, and only serve the requirements of their husbands.

Those ladies can pursue their desires and not be punished for it. She is sexy, funny, and relatable. And it is about time that we encourage women never to settle when it comes to sex. Savita bhabhi is about women exploring their sexuality, and acknowledging and respecting women who enjoy dominating in bed.

And finally, Savita bhabhi is about women becoming sexually liberated. As one woman we interviewed for my book said, "I think there is a little bit of Savita bhabhi in all of us.

No wonder the government banned her. Like what you read? Share it ahead.





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