While not all of us are blessed with long, voluminous hair, this seemingly impossible mission can be easily achieved with the use of high end hair extensions. As clip in hair extensions have been increasingly growing in popularity, the market is also becoming flooded with numerous types of extensions that are synthetic or or are a mix of animal and human hair. But how do you go about selecting the best quality clip in hair extensions for your hair? The first and most important thing to consider is quality. What are the hair extensions made from?

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The Secrets to Softer Hair Extensions Following the right secrets will keep your hair extensions softer. If you face the challenge of keeping your hair extensions as soft as the day you bought them, there are simple solutions to follow. Natural Oils Make the Difference Sebum, which is a natural oil transferred from the sebaceous gland to the hair follicles, is one of the secrets to softer hair. With continuous wear and washing of your extensions, the sebum coating from the original hair will eventually dissipate.

Its light natural oils lock in moisture and eliminate tangles. You can use it on a daily basis to bring life to your hair extensions. Silicone Base for Softer Hair Extensions Another secret to softer extensions is contained in products with a silicone base.

If you are looking for a product with no heavy build up, it is best to choose one with a silicone base. This is exactly what BlueMax Daily Refresher offers. This product is a light silicone-based spray that is specifically made to use between shampooing. It helps to soften and detangle any hair type, including hair extensions.

It imitates products which contain sebum, producing natural oils and protecting the hair from exposure to UV rays. When you use this daily maintenance spray, it quickly smoothes the hair and acts as a guard against the damaging effects of nature. Your hair extensions will have a longer life span because the silicone base coating guarantees the elimination of tangles and prevents matting and dry hair. Use it along with products containing a silicone base to achieve added softness.

If you have to wash your extensions, allow them to air dry; never blow dry. It is infused with BlueMax ingredients and is safe for colored hair. Used in combination with the BlueMax Protective Sealer, you will experience fully moisturized and conditioned hair with improved sheen and softness. Its antioxidant ingredient prevents the hair from looking faded and dull.

The humectants and conditioning agents contained in the MoistureLab Recovery Cream will result in silky, soft hair. Your hair is a reflection of your personal image.

If you want to maintain your hair extensions so they look like real hair, it is best to use products that will maintain that natural look. To learn more about the RemySoft brand and how it can help you achieve softer hair extensions, visit the RemySoft website.


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