They did not account for us. Make your peace with the Emperor, men—we drop in two minutes. Rare within the Imperial Guard as a whole, Drop Infantry regiments are a potent strategic asset which many Generals are eager to obtain, and Elysia produces a considerable quantity of such regiments, whose skills are employed across the galaxy. The Elysian Drop Troop regiments make extensive use of aircraft and elite soldiers plunging from the skies directly into battle. Imperial Guard regiments raised from Elysia are regarded as somewhat unorthodox. Conventional infantry, armour, and artillery formations are rare, with the bulk of Elysians becoming the famed Drop Troops.

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Do you remember, how much rage does induct Necron ability to take flyers as dedicated transport? With Elysians you could take Valkyries as transport. And you have flyers in both FA and HS slots. Anything not mounted on Valkyries or Vendettas could deep strike.

This comes for a cost though, as you have literally zero tanks, and all your infantry cost slightly more than regular guard. Good things include the combat drop rule only for a few units though , AGLs no longer being one shot, vulture squadrons and slightly better sentries.

However, vultures are now fast attack competing with vendettas and tauros , tauros no longer can take homing beacons making the most unique and interesting Elysian unit no longer viable They also have the D Detachment, which recently got an update with the second edition of IA4.

Now with 7th ed out these guys fall in to a weird spot. Unbound lists are a thing but you probably want to make use of your deep striking troops in a bound list. Veteran drop troops can be used to amazing effect if you you use them correctly. Forward sentries can infiltrate and have homing beacons, meaning that when you combat drop flyers, they can come in anywhere within six inches of you infiltrators, setting you up for some good turn One strafing runs.

Guardsmen are still squishy though, always be careful about that. Rules[ edit ] Iron Discipline: Iron Discipline for all the infantry gives a chance for below half strength squads to still attempt to rally within 6" of an Officer any type. This also means that Elysian units are slightly more expensive than regular Imperial Guard counterparts.

Deep Strike: The infantry and sentinels can Deep Strike. Slap yourself if you thought otherwise. Combat Drop: Half of your Valkyries sky-talons included , sentries and drop sentinels can deep strike on turn one. The Company Commander has Senior Officer special rule. Like other units they can deep strike. Formerly could only take one special weapon, can now take 4. Arm them with sniper rifles and keep them in the back as an on board presence at the start of the game.

Alternatively, arm them with 4 meltas and deepstrike along with other specially kitted veterans. Issue you orders, and reap the tears of your enemies. With 7th ed, these guys can hold objectives and give orders to any nearby troops when they need too.

Use them with an ADL and comms relay for a cover boost and bring on some starting AA get rid of any flyer hunters as they come on, particularly crimson hunters. Long Range ground scanner: This thing is weird. You can take 4 of these total, so if you highly invest and camp in the back of your board they can actually be of good use. Lord Commissar: Again not much different from vanilla, except he can deep strike and can take homing beacon.

Here for fluff reasons. Good as a filler unit with hot shot guns. Their ability to reroll scatter make them good for risky drops behind enemy lines especially if you give them meltas Gone with the old IG codex, they can only use Operation Hot Drop now. Which is a viable tactic as they have a ccw and hot shot las pistol meaning 3 attacks average on the charge meaning ten guys have 31 attacks charging 4 for the Sergeant or 21 attacks base. Add a Lord Commissar with a melta bomb and homing beacon to charge that knight first turn and bring in more air support right next to you afterwards.

No More Operations: With the new Astra Militarum book now the only legal IG book around there are no more special operations available for normal Imperial Guardsmen, the Elysians get to keep their novel Operation Hot Drop so their storm troopers can go kill themselves first turn if you really want them to. Goodbye infiltrating melta guns. Seriously explain wtf this means??? No seriously So the only mission they can take now is Operation Hot Drop. Drop Sentinels: Can be very very useful, but not really They can take multi meltas and deep strike which can be amazing.

However they are only BS 3, which with a one shot weapon is not so reliable. For points you effectively get to hit with one Multi Melta which still does not have a guarantee of killing anything. For less points you can get a vet squad with three meltas.

The only reason to take one or two is for the combat drop option where they can either facilitate or be deep striked on turn one. If they were 50 points, had better BS or were somehow more survivable it would be ok.

If you want more Valkyries on the table turn one check out the Sentry Gun Battery. Troops[ edit ] Drop Infantry Platoon: Again, much like regular platoon, except deep strikes and Valkyries dedicated transport option.

Same as regular guard PCS but with optional gear changes. Can not take Lascannon or Autocannon. Though they can take Lasguns with AGLs. Also they can have a homing beacon and one Guardsman can take a Lascutter.

Think S9 servo-arm. Infantry Squad: Basically the same as regular Guard but with breacher-charges and cheaper Krak grenades. Can take a dedicated transport unlike the regular SWP.

But since you can not buy heavy weapons in your Infantry Squad, they are your only long range option for targeting big things. You can deepstrike them for a perfect rear armor angle shoot but you will need a Homing beacon nearby to pull it off.

Can take a dedicated transport unlike the regular HWS. Note however: for the price of 2 heavy bolter squads you can get another valkyrie with rocket pods. Which does the job heavy bolters were made to do, except better. Drop Sentinel squadron: Same as before, replaces conscripts. Veteran Squad: Like regular veterans, but better. Can not take HW Lascannon and Autocannon.

They are very flexible and can be kitted for any role. Valkyries like before are dedicated transport. Carapace armour is very good, and a must when using plasma.

Forward observers is a good way of taking advantage of combat drop. Bring in the valkyries around them and point them to where you want to go. Also good for later deep strikers, if they survive which they can if play well. Dedicated transports[ edit ] Valkyrie Assault Carrier: This is the main reason you should play Elysians. There is nothing to say about this bird besides "take it". Default comes with hellstrike missiles, which are meh but work okay for killing vehicles or other flyers.

If you stick with the missiles, consider a lascannon upgrade to make it an extra gun to fire in case for only 15 pts. Otherwise, upgrade for missile pods for a pretty damn decent anti infantry weapon that can potentially come in turn one.

Valkyrie Sky Talon: Cheaper and slightly worse variant of Valkyrie, used as transport for drop sentinels and tauroses. Worth mention, it counts as heavy support, which comes to play in Big Guns Never Tire type of missions. As Tauroses could outflank, and sentinels could deep strike, you should run your Sky Talon empty most of the time. Do not expect them flimsy buggies to survive long: with AV10 all-round, open-topped and only two Hull Points, they are dead men riding.

Used to be able to take a homing beacon No more. The Tauros Venator is a damned fine fire-support unit. Being fast, and coming with 2 Hunter-Killer missiles as part of the bargain, it can act as a fire-support annoyance for targeting vulnerable rear armor or for sniping a pesky independent character. Lascannons and high mobility make for a fine combination too - if you exploit the max range of the Lascannons, something is going to get cooked in short order.

Squads can be mix and match but no more homing beacons Vendetta Gunship Squadron: 3 twin-linked Lascannons. This is quite possibly the best unit in all of Warhammer 40K at this point. Carries Guardsmen. Relatively cheap. Comes in squadrons of up to three. There is no better option for fielding mobile anti-tank than this behemoth. Use Vendettas when the enemy fields Vehicles or Masses Monstrous Creatures - especially if they can fly as well.

Vulture Gunship: Essentially a 40K Apache Gunship, comes with strafing run USR, nose mounted heavy bolter, and 4 wing pylons that are divided into two pairs of pylons that give space for one twin-linked weapon one pylon on each side and one set of missiles. Well, instead of two twin-linked weapons, you can actually attach a twin-linked punisher cannon! The ammo boxes do take up the other missile pylons, but twin-linked and BS4 against ground targets means 18 shots hit instead of Leman Russes 10 on average without Pask.

Because the main strength of the Vulture is its adaptability. Can be taken in squadrons of up to 3. These compete with Vendettas in terms of slots. Whereas vendettas can take out heavy vehicles and flyers, vultures can take on almost anything else when equipped with punisher cannons through sheer fire power. Cyclops remote control demolition vehicle: RC toy cars with a big Demo-charge that can deep strike.


Elysian Drop Army List

Do you remember, how much rage does induct Necron ability to take flyers as dedicated transport? With Elysians you could take Valkyries as transport. And you have flyers in both FA and HS slots. Anything not mounted on Valkyries or Vendettas could deep strike. This comes for a cost though, as you have literally zero tanks, and all your infantry cost slightly more than regular guard.


Elysian Drop Troops

Assault weapons fire so rapidly or indiscriminately that they can be shot from the hip as warriors dash forwards into combat. Deploying the Elysian st Light Drop Company. Get a veteran squad with forward observers and you have a good infiltrating homing beacon for everything coming on. Elysian Listed on EtherShift Exchange 3 months ago steem.

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