Lists of books Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Her full-time writing career began in So, the Dummies guides are a series of works. List of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction topic This is a list of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction works as portrayed in literature, film, television, and, comics. The Horseclans series became his overall best-known works.

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By any name, arcane knowledge brings great power to its possessor. It is designed for easy modification. Players can create any sort of wizard character they choose, from eager apprentice to mad hermit, from saintly healer to sinister necromancer.

It amplifies the material there, as well as adding more than new spells! Also included are a complete system for improvisational magic, optional rules for "inherent" magic abilities, special advantages and disadvantages for mages, and a system to let the GM create his own unique types of clerical magic.

Stock , ISBN Travel by time machine, by dimension gate, even by powers of the mind! Six complete campaign backgrounds and several mini-backgrounds for travel through time or parallel worlds, or both!

Each has its own rules for characters, travel, and paradoxes. A detailed discussion of the paradoxes you should consider in creating your own time-travel campaign. Is meddling with history easy? Or just a Very Bad Idea? Parallel worlds. Any time, any place, any world, any genre. Anything can happen! It includes more than fantasy animals and plants, ranging from interesting nuisances to monstrous menaces.

Each is covered in detail, with a physical description, likes and dislikes, attitude toward mankind, and means of attack. The main section is organized alphabetically, with creatures ranging from the voratious Afanc to the noxious undead rodents that men know as Zombie Gerbils. All of the older beast descriptions have been reworked and brought up to Third Edition standards. These rules can enhance the creatures of any fantasy game you play, making this a truly generic book!

The spells needed for many of the magical beasts and plants in this book. A detailed look at different types of animal and plant poisons. Two tables, each listing every creature in the book. One is arranged alphabetically, for easy reference.

The other is organized by habitat, to let the GM quickly find an appropriate creature for any terrain or any situation. And that means taking to the many different autoduelling arenas across the Car Wars world and testing yourself under all kinds of conditions. Car Wars Classic Arenas 2 gives hardcore autoduellists more exciting locations to showcase their skills and blow away their opponents.

Have you got what it takes? Find out with Car Wars Classic Arenas 2. The maps for this supplement were originally printed on oversized paper, so the PDF version contains two formats: the original map size, for those with access to oversize printers, and modified versions that span multiple regular sheets.

The huckster tries to master a manitou, an evil spirit from Indian mythology — but the consequences of failure can be deadly. For everyone. There are also new huckster templates and a full discussion of just what it means to be a hexslinger.

Varmints has dozens of new monsters ready to make your trail ride a trip through Hell! Featuring conversions of all the nastiest fiends and beasties from the original Deadlands game, as well as all-new critters with both GURPS and Deadlands stats, Varmints will give your posse nightmares for a long, long time. Wanted: Undead or Alive! The place is the American West. Undead gunslingers. The Civil War drags on, while federal agents and Texas Rangers struggle to deal with eldritch menaces while hiding the awful truth from the public Back East.

Adventure as a shootist, a card-slinging huckster, or a prospector searching the ruins of California for that supernatural stuff, "ghost rock. The Weird West awaits! Now Wright has to figure out who wants to kill him, and why, and what a New Orleans gambler has to do with his murdered partner back in the Disputed Lands.

Hexslingers, voodoo magic, and the undead — what more could you ask for? The adventure. Think your posse is tough enough to go toe-to-toe with the enemies Jim Wright faced? They ride the plains of a post-holocaust America, mind-reading prariecats by their sides. They would follow their leader, the undying Milo Morai, straight to Hell. Bookerman, and other important characters.

Maps and historical information for campaigns in several different time periods — from just after the Great Dying, through the days of the Horseclans riding the plains and on the march east, to the "present-day" Eastern Confederation. New rules for two kinds of immortals: The Undying, and the body-stealing Witchmen. The telepathic prariecats: complete rules for cat characters, combat, and "mindspeak" abilities. A quick system for resolving large battles and their effects on participating player characters — both in terms of survival and of honor won!

Now you, too, can ride to glory, and help Milo Morai rebuild civilization. This double-sized Space Atlas is your guide to two of the worst neighborhoods in the galaxy — the divided Phoenix Sector and the chaotic Saga Sector. Forty-nine systems are presented with detailed descriptions of planets, a populated asteroid belt, and the mysterious Phoenix Nebula. This is the most flexible Space Atlas so far. You can combine the sectors, use them separately, or choose individual worlds and fit them into your campaign.

Also included are suggestions for combining the two sectors and using them as allies. Each world description includes a complete Planetary Record Sheet with an overview of the whole star system and a detailed description of the planet itself, following the format of GURPS Space. Each description includes a two-color planetary map, atmospheric and ecological data, population, government, and much more.

Many world descriptions contain new animals, aliens, and vehicles — all with complete game statistics. Also included are character point costs for playing four different alien races and three types of genetically modified humans. Shipped April 7, More Is Better! Ready-made traps for home-made adventures: nasty gadgets, complicated architecture, hidden poison, malicious magic, and devious tricks. Magic Items. This emporium of enchantment contains wondrous weapons, armor, wands, jewelry, potions, and more, allowing GMs and looters alike to grab and go.

Against the Rat-Men. This ready-to-play sequel to I Smell a Rat offers heroes new dangers — and new rewards. From through , Autoduel Quarterly published fiction set in the Car Wars universe. Collected for the first time, here are all 30 stories from that era, including the original illustrations. Fron neo-noir to humor to tragic to action, Autoduel Tales: The Fiction of Car Wars delivers snapshots of an unforgettable world where the line between the quick and the dead is painted on asphalt.


GURPS Horseclans

Characters and Campaignsplus basic accessories. His other works include gurpps space opera The Ophidian Conspiracy and several novels some co-written with Roland J. This role-playing game related article is a stub. Using resources from further up the stack requires less preparation work on the part of the game master. The Undying were also sterile, which was a source of anguish for some of them. He is the author of seven published novels and, along with co-editor Jerry Pournelle, he has edited over twenty theme anthologies and short story collections.



Lists of placental mammals Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. In addition to the novels, there are two short story anthologies containing stories by both Robert Adams and others set in the Horseclans setting, Friends hurps the Horseclans, and Friends of the Horseclans 2 Member feedback about Robert Adams science fiction writer: Learn more about Amazon Prime. If you want to force a particular order, use the character to divide the number and the descriptor. By default, it sorts horseclxns the number, or alphabetically if there is no number.



With few exceptions, no specific dates are given for events in the alternate history, although from time to time the author gives clues that allow reasonably certain dates to be calculated. The aftermath, and dwindling of the remnants of civilization, continue for decades. Over the course of the next fifty years, Milo Morai develops the Horseclans people and leads them from being bomb-shelter refugees through a stage of subsistence farming, leading eventually to self-sufficient nomadism. Milo encounters Clarence Bookerman Horses of the North. Bookerman gives Morai advice that enables him to awaken his latent mental talents Horses of the North.


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